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  1. Draco...... You are...... Without doubt....... My ABSOLUTE favourite person right now!!!! :worthy: I misunderstood your previous post and thought you meant the licence checker on the DCS store user account page. I didn't know about the tool in the game folders. Done it as per your instructions above and can now login to DCS. Haven't been able to check multiplayer yet, but will get to that next. Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it. Now if you'll excuse me I have some crashing....erm.... I mean landing practice to do. :pilotfly:
  2. Thanks Draco. I'll give that a go. :thumbup: EDIT: Nope. Still can't login with FC3 installed. Double checked my copy is bound to the correct account, but if that module is activated, I get a message that username or password are incorrect. Thanks for the suggestion though, Draco.
  3. Also got this problem. Ended up doing two fresh beta installs today. Both times I could log in fine until I installed FC3. Try a fresh install and install FC3 last. If you can login before installing FC3 and not after then that should confirm the FC3 module as the problem and ED will need to address it.
  4. There's still a problem causing this that lies with the FC3 module. I was having this. After uninstalling the beta and doing a fresh install, I could log in fine. Installed the L-39, Black Shark2 and the MiG-21 and could login fine. Installed FC3 and was told my login was incorrect. BTW prior to the fresh install I had tried every suggested fix on these forums, including the one posted above by Demon.
  5. At a guess: They need to fix the bugs in FC 2.0 first so that they can be sure the bug fixes won't break the compatability with Black Shark online. To do the compatability patch first would leave them open to the possibility of having to redo it after releasing the FC 2,0 bugfix patch. If that's the case, it seems perfectly sensible to me.
  6. Well if I'm out of either speed or altitude I'm knackered then!!!!!!!! :cry:
  7. Well at least you didn't offer to go to his house and play with his joystick...... :joystick: I assume that's part of the platinum sponsership package........:music_whistling:
  8. MMORPG works because of the social demographic of the players. That of flight simmers is totally different and I would be suprised if any flight sim developer who confused the two would stay in business for long. As it stands now we purchase a licence to use the software, not the software itself. That's fair enough.... But I'll be damned if I'll rent a licence and that is precisely what pay to play entails.
  9. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I'd rate Black Shark at around 90%. All the good and bad points I would raise have already been mentioned and so I won't waste space repeating them. All I can add is that Black Shark is without doubt the best flight sim I have ever played from the point of view of systems, flight and damage models. In this it has (IMHO) set a new benchmark. I look forward to the future DCS modules and hope that I'll be happily buying them for many years to come!! :thumbup:
  11. Jester_159th


    Happy birthday, Tito. Hope you're having a good one!! :beer:
  12. The second set of pics you posted look a lot better as far as apspect is concerned (although the in cockpit image you're using for the MP interface still looks a little stretched). The font you used in the first set was a real put off for me as well (but that's nothing more than personal opinion of course). If you can work with the second set of pics and find a more professional looking font you could be onto something though. Good luck!
  13. Hi Tim. We fly closed squad only co-op missions every week (Thursdays and Sundays). I dunno if you have LO/Flaming Cliffs as well but at the moment we're alternating flight nights (one week LO/FC on Thursday and Black Shark on Sunday... Following week Black Shark Tursday and LO/FC on the Sunday). Nearly every flight we do involves co-op work (although some of the LO/FC flights will involve some of our lads flying OPFOR). Nip over to our forums and have a word with the lads if you're interested and we can sort out the specifics there. http://www.159thgar.com/forum/
  14. Waste of time mate...... And without labels asking for trouble on a full server. What I'd like to see is friendly Air defence units targeting anything that was attacking an airfield or FARP. That way TK'ing could be almost eliminated by simply setting up some AAA and short range SAM's around every active base since the minute the idiot started his tricks the AA would take him down and then go back to defending against enemy incursion. We wouldn't even have to worry about banning them... We could just sit back and laugh!! :smilewink:
  15. Unfortunately we have had to ban quite a few people for this type of behaviour. For future reference, best thing to do if you see anyone doing this sort of thing on our server is to go across to our forums http://www.159thgar.com/forum/index.php and report them to us straight away, either using the announcement at the top of the "General" section, and we'll take it from there. For obvious reasons we'd like to see proof of what was going on (screenshots showing in game messages/ chat and or screenshots of the debriefing screen will suffice).
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