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  1. Hello. Maybe just general question, 3rd software or bug... My problem is next, Voicemeter Banana - using for routing sound for my stream StreamlabsOBS Let's be short, all is ok regarding to settings and main goal remove music from VOD. All sounds, music is as it should be but only RWR (F-16C) not going live on stream, recorded video. I hear it on headphones, desktop sound is there, Spotify is there but RWR F-16C is muted/silent/not on live stream/not on recorded video. As desktop sound must be there, all game sounds are reproduced but not RWR sound. I tested FC3 Su27 RWR, with same settings and all is ok, reproduced on live stream, as desktop sound... works normally. What can cause this? Driver? Codecs? Routing (how is that posible, is game sound, desktop sound)? Stereo/Mono? ...Mistery for me. Appreciate any help. Maybe devs? Before finish and post this topic i go to check just one more thing. In VoicemeterBanana there was HardwareOutput A1 set to MME: Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) and i switch to WDM: Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) = problem solved. So it was 3rd software but also DCS F-16C RWR Sounds not works on MME: Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) while FC3 Su-27 (for ex.) works on both MME/WDM.
  2. Sorry BIGNEWY... double binds (i don't know how i did it, my rotary Saitek X52 pro). Thanks.
  3. You don't need to please anyone, you need respect event rules and fair play if you don't want to die as organizer. SATAC is soon on HIGH LEVEL organization. Event that is forerunner of SATAL and TACT.
  4. Of course... They know (64th as organizers) that they fail and now approaching to us as we are amoebas.
  5. There is big advantage being out bubble even is only one aircraft: - He have more space - He have more time - He can achieve energy advantage - He is free to engage at ANY time - He can engage from any direction (even behind, he can go around) - He is SAFE and IN BIG ADVANTAGE than pilot inside I'm asking you again: What is the point of the bubble and why blow up if we chasing someone outside? We can also leave one pilot to control damn 5 min bubble but at the end all pilots that leave it will explode. What is the point?
  6. Hi! I just want clarification, explanation and RULE IMPROVING: - What is the point of bubble if someone can be outside (not enter at all) and engage? - If "5 min" rule applies to the team then it must also apply to the individual. Pilot is 5 min out and must be treated as loss. I asked X-Man before TACT is started for bigger bubble so we can have more room for tactical maneuvers and he said that bubble is big enough. If is big enough why 64th pilot need more room, ignoring bubble rule and engaging out of bubble? What do you mean with this: there will be an engagement bubble, 90 nm in diameter.??? Guys, this is a tournament and team can't be engaged from two different areas: Bubble that you cant leave and Free space where nobody can come to kill you (becasue can't leave bubble). Team in the bubble is limited and closed in bubble. Pilot out of bubble just enjoy, nobody can touch him and he say: "I will come later and kill you!". No you can't, you are 5 min out and you can't enter anymore, same as we cant leave it and reenter! All teams/pilots must be in bubble in 5min after 1st pilot enter or bubble have no any sense. EDIT: Waiting and expecting official statement about this from 64th/TACT organizers.
  7. @Breakshot if you mess up with twitch acc password (reset) or anything else you need to disconenct Twitch Chat OAuth Token Generator on your Twitch then authorise again and use new OUATH in DCS.
  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/RespectfulVastKleeCopyThis-FtWCj0wgq5fV3ZMa https://clips.twitch.tv/IncredulousEntertainingHamsterNomNom-2yRk85PihuNJwY83 https://clips.twitch.tv/VastToughSowAsianGlow-LcjnnfdH0M3kjnHf https://clips.twitch.tv/HelplessResourcefulKimchiOSfrog-1ByCbFjnzbpkGrar https://clips.twitch.tv/ArborealTacitClipsmomHumbleLife-lXZdv_4VrD3uRfOr Yeah, strange... seems there are some ghosts/fake missiles before launch and definitely wintip rails >> missiles >> aircraft are not synced... Look this clips that show desync or not proper positions missile or rail or wing...models...i dont know...very strange and problematic: https://clips.twitch.tv/PlayfulRenownedPancakeMcaT-MZ59VwS22qjUPnUb And here KEY MOMENT to me... missile launch but missile was not on the rail on moment of the launch. So, two close objects, wing and missile in that moment and of course if they not going in same direction, they go in slightly diff heading they will colide. https://clips.twitch.tv/NaiveSassySandstormRaccAttack-KtGVpq03xdlRrP5M
  9. Much much better 2.7 now... thanks Mustang.
  10. Great fun last night with BRAVO guys... Both teams introduces new pilots to the team fights. Practice, practice...
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