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  1. Now that the P-47 is pre-released, is there a profile for the P-47 coming?
  2. That answers all my questions thanks :thumbup:
  3. I already got the Real-Time telemetry running from my main DCS computer to my laptop with TacView working. :thumbup: Question remaining can I activate TavView on two home computers? :helpsmilie: New question can I view DCS mission flight plans in TacView? :helpsmilie: If not this would be a nice to have in 2.0. :smilewink: Hope you can help me thanks.
  4. Hello, I am planning to buy TacView Advanced mainly for the Real-Time telemetry option. But I have two questions: 1. Can I buy the standalone version from the TacView website and then install and activate it on my main DCS computer and on second laptop? With the Steam version I can probably do this? 2. Is it possible to view the Real-Time telemetry from DCS running on my main DCS computer on my laptop with a second install of TacView? Hope you can help me thanks. :helpsmilie:
  5. +1 Still very happy with what ED is doing for us flight simmers. I joined in early 2005 so I have been here for a while. :thumbup:
  6. Hi Home Fries, Thanks for al the great work! We already have High Contrast MFD layouts for all the current German WW2 fighters. Can you please also create High Contrast MFD layouts for the allied WW2 fighters the P-51D and the Spitfire. Thanks. :pilotfly:
  7. Did Santa just stop by? In the DCS World web-shop I never bought the F-14B so it says I do not own it! But in the DCS World game I can install the F-14B? Did we all get the F-14B for Christmas? Did I mis something so what is going on?
  8. Thanks the 3D version in the L-39C is now on the dashboard :thumbup:
  9. Same here as well :helpsmilie: Tested the Mustangs and the L-39 and the 2D and 3D are not showing :( 2D is empty window 3D not on dashboard
  10. The Persian Gulf arrived and is working fine. :thumbup: My DCS Open Beta version now indeed is 2.5.2 :smartass: Thanks ED :thumbup:
  11. In the log-file I see this URL: srv5update.digitalcombatsimulator.com This server is not responding? I tested srv1 to srv7 and only srv5 in not responding! Can we do something to select an other server?
  12. Does anybody know anything about an announced maintenance window on the server(s)?
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