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  1. Toto

    H U D F14

    Cannot read HUD during the daytime. Need different colors and much brighter. Cannot read the darn thing
  2. A person cannot read the darn thing. Need a better color for it. Much brighter and easier to read
  3. I own Flaming Cliffs and my Su33 in FC is not showing up as a plane to choose in Type when using the mission editor The Su 27 is though Is there any reason for this
  4. Since the update to the Normandy Map I have not seen any trains Are they still there or do I have to do anything to acitvate them I miss them or at least have not seen any. They were a nice touch in the Normandy map
  5. Hello I am trying to use C A. I seem to get half screens, with important necessary sights and gauges missing on my screen, with a black shadow down the left hand side of the screen. My question is? DOES IT WORK IN 4K????? before I waste any further time with this. I am hoping I am doing something wrong and this can be fixed, as this looks really cool. Thanks Toto out!!!:pilotfly:
  6. Is it possible to rotate the mission or have the mission restart, in a multiplayer mission using the mission editor with a trigger, rather than a person having to do this in manually.???? If you can would you someone please tell me the sequence. Thanks
  7. Hello. I just have to post this as I don't feel comfortable with this new update. 1. I am noticing a lot of video memory usage. I am using my 1080ti with 11 gigs of ram and when I run the game in single mission, instant action free flight, I notice my video card usage is at 9 gigs and climbs up to 10 gigs? and just keeps climbing. My game used to play using around 5 gigs all the time. I mean multi or single never used this amount. Never. 2.Another anomaly I have noticed with this new update is that my graphics card in the game keeps using more and more memory. Is it not supposed to refresh the memory it uses!!! instead of just using more and more at one time. I was flying with the memory usage number at 11000+ and my game was freezing up and stuttering like crazy. 3. We are now getting all sorts or weirds black screens on load up, which never used to be there??? So what is going on. This to me is a spelling out GRAPHICS MEMORY LEAK!!! in the game and can we expect a fix soon :(
  8. Is it possible to make grass airfields on the Normandy map using DCS Open beta. I have been trying to do this but I just don't see them from the air. The mission editor places a icon on the map but that is all I can do. I guess my question is can this be done?? or is this part of the mission editors, ability still under development? If this is possible would someone please show me a link or a video on how to do this properly. Thanks :)
  9. Hello. I am trying to make a mission with a trigger so that when the B17's bombs hit the ground there is a nice realistic explosion with smoke and fire for a while and then burn out. Right now using my triggers in the mission editor, and action set to EXPLOSION!! all I seem to be able to do is..... punch holes in the dirt and if there is unit in the way that gets hit by a bomb that's a bonus. I am using the AM64D bombs in the B17' s Is there any way I can make this a little more spectacular eg can a person use a different bomb that still keeps the scene realistic but a little more colorful? Please any suggestions here would be most helpful. Thanks :)
  10. When trimming out the Spitty it seems to sway a lot. Is there a way to correct this issue??
  11. Hello I am not sure if this is the right place for my question but here goes!! I can place a smoke marker on the ground set off by a Unit in a trigger zone. The unit is part of the blue coalition. What I want to know!!! is it possible to set off the same smoke marker using Coalitions instead of specified Unit. Coalitions meaning Red or Blue??? This way any BLUE coalition player can set off the smoke marker, and not just the specified unite??? in the blue coalition. And make this vise versa red or blue coalitions.:pilotfly:
  12. Hello. I have had in depth discussions with different extremely knowledgeable people about this stuttering problem that people seem to experience in DCS. I don't have it but I have friends that use DCS that do have it and its driving them crazy. As we all know it could be multiple things like RAM, SSD, HDD, VIDEO CARD etc etc, the list can go on forever. Ok when you ask them questions about there systems, and the problems they are experiencing it seems this problem does not occur in other GAMES or in other programs like Microsoft Office or surfing the internet which proves to me there is no hardware failure, or anything wrong with there computers otherwise the stuttering would occur all the time this ONLY SEEMS TO HAPPENS WHEN THEY ARE PLAYING DCS. Here is what you do!!!! run your task manager and see what other programs are running in the back ground that make calls on your CPU WHILE RUNNING DCS. DCS is quite taxing on your computer and who know what the hell is happening inside your computer when you are playing DCS For example a a Turbo Fan program or something that you have forgotten about in your BOIS might kick on cause your CPU is heating up etc etc could be many many things START happening while playing DCS in the background. This is where I would look first and if you don't know how to do this take your system to a computer store and ask them to do it. DCS is not broken!!! yes it has its problems but I know to many people that use DSC that do not have these problems. Just my 2 cents worth on the whole stuttering business problem...………..Toto...……..out :pilotfly:
  13. Hello. The SU 33 Tail hook does not work on my system. DCS WORLSD beta up to date. I have assigned all kinds of different button combinations on my joystick "X52 pro" but the tail hook will just not work. I know the default keyboard combination is LAlt + G key. I have tried that as well, and it just does not work. My question is this??? Does the plane now need to be at Carrier Landing Speed on Glide slope for the tail hook to work??? In other words, will the tail hook only work if a few other carrier landing requirements have taken place already?? like flaps down landing gear out etc etc ?? I used to remember it working anytime you pushed the button regardless of what your plane was doing. Can anyone help here Thanks...……………..Toto:pilotfly:
  14. When using the mouse and trying to move the map around the grid seems to separate from the map and move around by itself and does not line up in the correct place. Is there any way I can stop this from happening.
  15. I am having a problem with the map in the Normandy map. When using my mouse to move it around the grid square seems to get detached from the map and move around following my mouse How do I stop this from happening??
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