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    H U D F14

    Cannot read HUD during the daytime. Need different colors and much brighter. Cannot read the darn thing
  2. A person cannot read the darn thing. Need a better color for it. Much brighter and easier to read
  3. I own Flaming Cliffs and my Su33 in FC is not showing up as a plane to choose in Type when using the mission editor The Su 27 is though Is there any reason for this
  4. Since the update to the Normandy Map I have not seen any trains Are they still there or do I have to do anything to acitvate them I miss them or at least have not seen any. They were a nice touch in the Normandy map
  5. Hello I am trying to use C A. I seem to get half screens, with important necessary sights and gauges missing on my screen, with a black shadow down the left hand side of the screen. My question is? DOES IT WORK IN 4K????? before I waste any further time with this. I am hoping I am doing something wrong and this can be fixed, as this looks really cool. Thanks Toto out!!!:pilotfly:
  6. Is it possible to rotate the mission or have the mission restart, in a multiplayer mission using the mission editor with a trigger, rather than a person having to do this in manually.???? If you can would you someone please tell me the sequence. Thanks
  7. Hello. I just have to post this as I don't feel comfortable with this new update. 1. I am noticing a lot of video memory usage. I am using my 1080ti with 11 gigs of ram and when I run the game in single mission, instant action free flight, I notice my video card usage is at 9 gigs and climbs up to 10 gigs? and just keeps climbing. My game used to play using around 5 gigs all the time. I mean multi or single never used this amount. Never. 2.Another anomaly I have noticed with this new update is that my graphics card in the game keeps using more and more memory. Is it not supposed to refresh the memory it uses!!! instead of just using more and more at one time. I was flying with the memory usage number at 11000+ and my game was freezing up and stuttering like crazy. 3. We are now getting all sorts or weirds black screens on load up, which never used to be there??? So what is going on. This to me is a spelling out GRAPHICS MEMORY LEAK!!! in the game and can we expect a fix soon :(
  8. Is it possible to make grass airfields on the Normandy map using DCS Open beta. I have been trying to do this but I just don't see them from the air. The mission editor places a icon on the map but that is all I can do. I guess my question is can this be done?? or is this part of the mission editors, ability still under development? If this is possible would someone please show me a link or a video on how to do this properly. Thanks :)
  9. Hello. I am trying to make a mission with a trigger so that when the B17's bombs hit the ground there is a nice realistic explosion with smoke and fire for a while and then burn out. Right now using my triggers in the mission editor, and action set to EXPLOSION!! all I seem to be able to do is..... punch holes in the dirt and if there is unit in the way that gets hit by a bomb that's a bonus. I am using the AM64D bombs in the B17' s Is there any way I can make this a little more spectacular eg can a person use a different bomb that still keeps the scene realistic but a little more colorful? Please any suggestions here would be most helpful. Thanks :)
  10. When trimming out the Spitty it seems to sway a lot. Is there a way to correct this issue??
  11. Hello I am not sure if this is the right place for my question but here goes!! I can place a smoke marker on the ground set off by a Unit in a trigger zone. The unit is part of the blue coalition. What I want to know!!! is it possible to set off the same smoke marker using Coalitions instead of specified Unit. Coalitions meaning Red or Blue??? This way any BLUE coalition player can set off the smoke marker, and not just the specified unite??? in the blue coalition. And make this vise versa red or blue coalitions.:pilotfly:
  12. Hello. I have had in depth discussions with different extremely knowledgeable people about this stuttering problem that people seem to experience in DCS. I don't have it but I have friends that use DCS that do have it and its driving them crazy. As we all know it could be multiple things like RAM, SSD, HDD, VIDEO CARD etc etc, the list can go on forever. Ok when you ask them questions about there systems, and the problems they are experiencing it seems this problem does not occur in other GAMES or in other programs like Microsoft Office or surfing the internet which proves to me there is no hardware failure, or anything wrong with there computers otherwise the stuttering would occur all the time this ONLY SEEMS TO HAPPENS WHEN THEY ARE PLAYING DCS. Here is what you do!!!! run your task manager and see what other programs are running in the back ground that make calls on your CPU WHILE RUNNING DCS. DCS is quite taxing on your computer and who know what the hell is happening inside your computer when you are playing DCS For example a a Turbo Fan program or something that you have forgotten about in your BOIS might kick on cause your CPU is heating up etc etc could be many many things START happening while playing DCS in the background. This is where I would look first and if you don't know how to do this take your system to a computer store and ask them to do it. DCS is not broken!!! yes it has its problems but I know to many people that use DSC that do not have these problems. Just my 2 cents worth on the whole stuttering business problem...………..Toto...……..out :pilotfly:
  13. Hello. The SU 33 Tail hook does not work on my system. DCS WORLSD beta up to date. I have assigned all kinds of different button combinations on my joystick "X52 pro" but the tail hook will just not work. I know the default keyboard combination is LAlt + G key. I have tried that as well, and it just does not work. My question is this??? Does the plane now need to be at Carrier Landing Speed on Glide slope for the tail hook to work??? In other words, will the tail hook only work if a few other carrier landing requirements have taken place already?? like flaps down landing gear out etc etc ?? I used to remember it working anytime you pushed the button regardless of what your plane was doing. Can anyone help here Thanks...……………..Toto:pilotfly:
  14. When using the mouse and trying to move the map around the grid seems to separate from the map and move around by itself and does not line up in the correct place. Is there any way I can stop this from happening.
  15. I am having a problem with the map in the Normandy map. When using my mouse to move it around the grid square seems to get detached from the map and move around following my mouse How do I stop this from happening??
  16. Ok thank! you all for your views and thoughts. Since my first post I have tried with a moderate overclock on my 1080ti and still no entry into the game. Same as before says!!! Error, blah blah, blah, and the game compiles a log report to send on to support. Ok!!! So what is going on here???? You all say you can overclock your video cards and enter the game!!! So why cant I play DCS with a GPU overclock when I can enter other games with my video card overclocked. Please don't say user error and I don't know what I am doing!! I am doing just fine to be able to use a GPU overclock that works in other games. Its not me its the game...…..or Windows. I am not bagging on DCS either I have been a supporter since the Flanker 2.0 2.5 days. Some of you were not even born when that was around. I own just about every product DCS has put out to buy including Normandy and WW2 planes and soon to buy the F18. My point is this. If the game does not allow a GPU OVERCLOCK why buy the next generation of video cards coming out which benchmark at least 30% faster then the current ones, when DCS will just neuter them down to comply with the lower standards set in the game, or what the game allows. We buy these things and do these things to have an advantage over the next person Sort of sounds like cry baby SOCALISM. Make everything fair If I am right and the game is doing this they should take that coding out and let the multiplayer servers set up the parameters, and not do this across the board. If I want to play my single mission in a enhanced graphical state, and fly around the beautiful Caucasus in my spity just enjoying the scenery i should be able to. I am very disappointed by this. Those of you that claim you can overclock your VIDEO CARDS and play the game please show me how and utube it. Thanks...………. Toto ……………..out
  17. Listen!!!! I am trying to keep an open mind about this.
  18. Hello. I have a 1080 TI and the default clock on the card is around 1560 to 1750 turbo boost. Well using P3Dv4 I OVERCLOCK my card to 1760 default and the card turbos at 2000 something. not sure what the actual turbo speed is but its in the low 2000's Well have is my problem. DCS, in all its glory does not run at all when you run your system with the video card overclocked. It just will not start. After hitting the start button the game just freezes then says its collecting data to send to support so that the error can be fixed. Tells you where the log file is for personal viewing. My question!!! Why would it matter to DCS what the clock speed is on my video card. Quite frankly I think its none of there business and the game coding should not act negatively to a overclocking. So if I buy a Nvidia 1180 which is far faster than a 1080 ti will the same thing happen. I have a sort of negative taste in my mouth about this and feel like it sort of like spying on us. I can somewhat understand this when going into a MP server to fly and the coding thinking this is a cheat but you cant get into the game to begin with, not even to fly single missions. As soon as set my video card to default setting I was able to enter the game and fly. Like I said earlier I think this is sort of like spying on us. Toto...………..:mad:
  19. Hello. Can you make the B17 drop bombs. I have been struggling to do this, and am just wondering if its capable of dropping bombs on a target. In the mission builder in the weapons editor the plane shows empty and I cannot add weapons to it like you can to the A10 and other planes. Is the plane functional or is it just eye candy? Another thought is the plane capable of defending its self Will it shoot back if shot at???
  20. After buying the plane and flying around for about 4 hours practicing take offs, landings, and free flight, and flying 7- 8 built in dogfight missions with the Dora, I was very pleased with the Spit. Thought to myself ALL RIGHT:thumbup: someone has finally got the flight model and the performance right on the Spitfire!!!! THANK YOU DCS for coming through. UNFORTUNATLY:cry: the very next update to the 1.5.5 the planes performance and handling goes to hell in a hand basket:cry: I know this because I had to reset all my axis's in my control setup to different settings to get the plane back under control. The plane now was sluggish, could not reach top level speeds I had reached previously, the climb ratio was altered, and in cornering went into the dreaded death spiral stall that I could not get out of. I found myself having to learn how to fly the plane all over again and had no chance against the Dora or the 109 in a dogfight. This morning however I made a little multiplayer dogfight map, asked a friend of mine to jump in and take on some of the 109s and Dora 's I had set up using spits. The mission was set to simulator mode with labels on and set to unlimited ammo. My goodness what a travesty of realism this was. The Dora's were shot to SWISS CHEESE AND STILL FLYING. and the 109's were literally on fire and still chasing us. Please level the playing field and give the spit that damage model as well WOW!!!!! The spit would take one or 2 hits and the engine would go out!! or the wing break off and catch fire or otherwise whole wings break off. Compared to the German damage models the spit sucks big time. I know!!! I am not making friends this way but if DCS wants to have any success with its WW2 venture, it needs to clean things up a little, otherwise people are going to go some where else for there WW2 fix. Toto.................:pilotfly:
  21. In the MIG 21 controls, the area where I need to bind the flaps, and other important key bindings to my X52 is not available to me? The Axis area worked fine, I was able to bind all my controllers in the AXIS area. The plane fly's beautifully but like I say I cant bind keys commands to my X52 outside of the axis area. I took a screenshot of what I am talking about, thought it would make it easy to show you guys what I mean. I guess all I can say is nothing outside of the AXIS area will bind to my joystick X52 pro
  22. Hello Have just downloaded and installed the new 1.5 onto the beta and have noticed in the MENYU that my OPTIONS line is missing:( I cannot program the joysticks:joystick: at all or change anything as I cannot get into the OPTIONS. I tried the integrity fix in my Eagle Dynamics folder but that did not help. I would be interested to know if this is a problem isolated to my system only, or does anyone else have this problem. I am assuming Eagle Dynamics knows about this and is planning to fix this ASAP. So cant fly at all until this is fixed .................otherwise its looking awesome.
  23. Ok!!!! The mouse on the X52 joystick does work in the new DCS WORLD Beta5. Last night I went to Saitek and downloaded the windows 10 software and drivers for Saitek X52 AGAIN. Before trying to install again, I uninstalled all my Saitek software and devises. From control panel "Program and features" and also from "System Devises" in control panel. I then pulled the devises out of the USB sockets in this case my 2.0 hub and then restarted the computer. After the restart I installed the software first!!!! then the drivers. I then restarted the system and noticed RIGHT AWAY that the mouse drivers had installed and that the joystick mouse was now moving the mouse pointer in Windows. Yea :D I then switched to the game and YEA the mouse worked in the game and I can now use it to slew the target designator :thumbup: My humble apologies to everyone and DCS for the 2 posts above this one. I should have tried to reinstall the drivers and software as described above but did not think that the drivers in my system could have been corrupted. They obviously were. Anyway everything works in the new beta5 and those of you that have the X52 or the X52PRO you might notice like I have!!!! that everything seems to be smoother, tighter, and overall behaving better than they did in the older DCS's C U IN THE SKY'S:pilotfly: .................Toto
  24. Edit and add on to my 1st Post I am using window 10 upgraded from window 7 64 bit The bottom line of this problem is that the new beta of DCS WORLD does not recognize the mouse that is on the Saitek X52 pro. I think possibly DCS left out the coding that recognizes the joystick mouse out of the game. This only happened to me in the new beta I had no problem in the current version. My earlier setup was Windows 10 with the new Saitek beta windows 10 drivers and the earlier DCS WORLD. Everything worked fine no problem with the Saitek mouse. So this tells me that the problem is in the NEW DCS WORLD BETA. I can only surmise that this is a mistake by DCS or otherwise done on purpose. I hope a mistake and going to be fixed as I really enjoy the use of that Saitek mouse. Makes locking targets really quick and easy. ............Toto
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