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  1. @Reflected I, too, like the campaign but have similar problems as the OP with dogfighting. It happened a lot that some enemies gang up on me and get me every time. I was wondering if it is somehow possible to make the skills of the AI pilots selectable at mission start via F10 or something? I have no idea if the mission editor/scripting allows this but this would help bad/medicore dogfighters like me a lot ^^
  2. I like the hind a lot because it has a good implementation of the heading hold autopilot. This gets rid of the need to deflect your pedals all the time. It automatically disables during pedal use and when you recenter your pedals, it engages again with that new heading as a reference. I pretty much keep it on all the time except for landing
  3. Thanks for the clarification! Too bad, was hoping to improve my bomb accuracy with technology...
  4. As the title says. And if so: is it implemented yet? I am asking because of this article: https://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de&tab=wT&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fmilitary.wikireading.ru%2F54527 google translate: "...three of the four bombs fell down with direct hits. The actions of the crew during normal operation of the sight are greatly simplified. The operator puts the sight mark on the target, turns on the mode and follows the target, keeping the mark on it. At the pilot on his sight, the indicator indicates the position of the target, to the left or to the right, and he tries to guide the helicopter on the combat course according to the instructions of the indicator exactly through the target, keeping the speed and altitude (visually, he cannot see the target, since it immediately goes under the helicopter). The calculator gives a buzzer at the right moment, and the operator only has to press the reset button." Here, the author describes some form of CCRP capability of the Hind where the operator has to track the ground target with the Raduga sight and the computer calculates a release point from that and gives a buzzer signal when the bombs should be released. Sounds really cool but I have not seen a mention of CCRP for the DCS Hind anywhere.
  5. One has to remember though that the nature of cmos sensor can exaggerate vibrations. In that Video it also looks like the gunners station is wobbling too (which it isn’t). In CCD camera footage of the mi-24 Cockpit, the fan wobbles a bit less. here’s a comparison of ccd and cmos sensors with vibrations Edit: found a video of the fan recorded with a CCD camera: It does wobble a little bit but not super noticeable
  6. That is a mistake on Wikipedia. Other sources say that it is gas operated and you can clearly see the gas pistons in the picture I posted.
  7. From what I can gather from the image I posted this roughly the mechanism. Only that the gas piston pushes the teethed bar backwards. This then turns the big cogwheel in the center and moves bar on the other side in the reverse direction. These teethed bars are connected to the bolts I would assume.
  8. The picture you posted before is a Gsh-23L. That gun is recoil operated. The Gsh-30-2 has a different mechanism
  9. I am not sure why the label says RH. That lever is for the left engine (1). Right engine is 2 just like in the Mi-8. Either the label is wrong or it does not actually mean right hand engine
  10. This image shows the Gast principle but the Gsh-30-2 is gas operated and not recoil operated so it works a little differently than this. The attached image gives a hint of the internals
  11. I would just assume that both versions of the label can be found in real Hinds. Maybe they swapped the position at some point for some reason. But that’s just pure speculation
  12. The fire at the rear of the gun are the hot fumes from the breech accumulating. That’s why it can predominantly be seen at the high rate of fire. This fire does not absorb any recoil.
  13. I am really hyped for this beast but I have to admit that the bent blades are bugging me a bit Here is a screen comparison showing that the blades of the real thing are pretty straight and only bend a little near the center. In the latest video there is a clear bend along the whole length of the blades which looks a bit funny. a
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