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  1. Any guidance would be much appreciated, thanks! dcs.log-20180206-223024.zip
  2. Is this related to the server issues I am seeing? Thank you! I'm jonesing to play! :)
  3. My bad, I forgot about those forums.
  4. Yeah, avoided that cruise but not the 2 prior. I forgot about the water tasting like jet fuel, ahhhhhh......memories! :music_whistling:
  5. NO WAY!! So were you stationed out of Yokosuka? I was stationed at Atsugi, but we would fly onto the boat when we'd steam. Truly nice to "meet" another person on the boards that knows what its really like to live on an aircraft carrier, especially the Indy! I dont miss it at all except for working on the flight deck. Miss that smell of JP5!!! Ahhhh.....:D
  6. Great minds think alike! I was an AMH3 (Aviation Hydraulicsman, Third Class Petty Officer). I joined because I wanted to go through a program that no longer exists called NAVCAD, in which you go through flight training while getting your college degree. After being in for a couple of years, I got all my endorsements, recommendations and paperwork together for the program when my older brother was diagnosed with leukemia. Long story short, I ended up having to get a humanitarian transfer to Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego where my brother was (he was a Navy Medic). A few months later we were sent off to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Reasearch center in Seattle where we underwent a bone marrow transplant (a 6 month procedure at the time) A few months later I was honerably discharged because I needed to help my family out. Several years later, I ended up getting my commercial pilots liscence (Multi-Engine, Instrument Rated). I am going to begin working as a Certified Flight Instructor in a few months. What I DID get to fly while I was enlisted was a T-34 Mentor. A tandem cockpit trainer that you start off in before moving into jets. That was a kick-ass experience as I got to fly a ton of manuevers with our Captain. There is nothing like upset training and dogfighting manuevers, SO MUCH FUN! :pilotfly: How about yourself, any flying experience?
  7. **Sorry if this has been posted here before but I just watched this clip and had to share. ** Has cockpit audio along with JTAC audio, (I'd call him, "the guy who is scared sh*%less for his life", based on how he sounds near the end of the clip. Heck, I'd be scared too) Awesome video! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4f3_1273553162 :thumbup:
  8. I'm sure that someone will correct me if I am wrong but I'm pretty sure a clean install is recommended.
  9. Seriously, I love this sim! It's all the big things and all the little tiny details that make it endless happy time!! ;)
  10. STELLAR! Thank you so much for simplifying this. Rep just sent.
  11. Is there a way to make the software play my own chosen song? If so, what file format should it be in? Thanks!
  12. Problem resolved finally. Thank you for your guidance.
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