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  1. thx @Lynchsl62 && @Chuls got one and my CLS-E should arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to try out the hardware force-trim, was my only reason to shop it.
  2. I have no idea about Arduino, could someone tell me what exactly I would need/buy to be able to use BrunnerDX?
  3. I think an AH-64 is more mainstream than a MIG-29 or many other Fighter Aircrafts, it's really iconic. I bet when the modul is available for sell, Matt and Nick will rotate with the same RPM like a AH-64 Main rotor when they will look on the order count
  4. never had any problem to reach anyone from winwing, beside of that i'm also happy with their product
  5. buying a 3090 don't will solve the problem anyway, at least if you fly the F-18 in Syria. With the F-18 + Syria on a 3090 you still get ugly stuttering
  6. I also have a 3090 but it runs anything else than butter smooth. The F-16 on Syria map with pixel density of 1 runs good (looking left outside the cockpit down on the ground during lowpass). The F-18 on the other hand shows awful microstutter on the ground when i do the same (flying low and lookling left or right outsite the cockpit on the ground). Each increase of the pixel density increases the problem. Index+Syria+F-18+3090 is everything else than smooth.
  7. Hello Wags, since you love to fly DCS in VR mode like every other player that ever did it, I'am sure that you would love it even more with DLSS 2.1 support. So would be great if you could add it to the "should have" - list of features for a new DCS graphic engine.
  8. I looking for a new and better solution than my Puma pro flight trainer for Helos like the Gazelle. Does anyone here use the Brunner CLS-E FORCE FEEDBACK JOYSTICK and maybe can tell me if it works out of the box with DCS and if the magnetic break / force trim effect of the gazelle is simulated / emulated by the CLS-E?
  9. no, the TM F-18 Grip is not an exact 1:1 replica.
  10. all our beloved neighbors build their powerplants directly on our border
  11. Really hope it would be fixed till EA, not another Frankenviper .-)
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