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  1. Some pics of downtown and over the airport
  2. Looking at the map last night and there are a lot of things missing and just wrong. Some elevations at Andersen AFB are wrong and lots of oddities around the map. Andersen is missing a few of the big hangars. Not sure what time frame this map is going off of, but I have been there a few times from 2003-2015. I have a lot of pics of the runway area, but I wish I would have gotten better ones when I was there.
  3. It's pretty sad working on these aircraft for 10+ years and now seeing them turned into flying targets.
  4. Are a lot of things still broke on the 16? Last I heard there were a lot of issues.
  5. Real US jets stopped using JP4 a long time ago.
  6. I'm looking at almost the same specs, but going for 32GB of ram and a 2080. Looking at buying the parts within the next 2 weeks.
  7. I sold my FSSB stick to soon, shouldn't have sold it at all. Maybe TM will start making them again.
  8. Thanks for doing this, nice to see the difference.
  9. I never heard us go into burner on the F-16. Like ZEEOH6 you can hear radios and other stuff like that. I did hear the engine change pitch when we were landing.
  10. Pretty cool, I was there and even have a pic or 2 of their jets in our hangar.
  11. CH needed to come up with a new throttle for many years.
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