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  1. Topo

    simulation accuracy

    You can always try it for free every 6 months and evaluate its progress.
  2. Topo

    Dcs vs vulkan

    Credo che l'effetto zanzariera sia sparito con gli ultimi visori usciti, a partire dal Quest 2, l'HP Reverb G2 ecc...
  3. Try to reselect the correct path in the "Config" tab.
  4. Topo

    Love the harrier

    Agree, it's also my preferred module.
  5. From what I understand: IRMav not have an automatic lock system (TGP auto handoff), so the TGP is ok to find targets, but you must switch to IRmav logic (select IRmav sensor), search for a lock and fire. It's best to tune brightness and contrast prior to enter target area. In my opinion is simpler to use the Laser Maverick with the TGP; no need to switch sensor, what the pod is lasing is what the missile will track.
  6. I agree. Av8b is my favourite module from some time; i hope for a bit more of love by Razbam.
  7. Like Tarres said, only one viedo seed can be displayed at once; with Laser mavericks (L2) when i lase the target with Tpod on right MFD, uncage button start the mav sensor to search for the return on the specified code (the cross up in the HUD start to move around); when the mav sensor "see" the correct laser return, a little square appear on the target, and you can fire the missile. When you mean the use with the IR maverick, onestly i never used coupled with the Tpod, only in tandem with dmt TV (so, no problem to have TV on right MFD and IRmav on left MFD). Probably you can designate with the Tpod, and uncaging the IRMav sensor appear focused on the same spot, so you can try a lock and fire. (sorry, non native english speaker here...)
  8. There isn't a bios setting to turn off power to usb ports when you turn off your pc?
  9. I agree; sadly, at today i think isn't available for AMD video cards. Is this correct?
  10. You can enable them in your forum settings
  11. Yes you are right, but not all moudule have the pilot body (yet).
  12. If i understand correctly, almost all systems in the eagle are duplicated between the seats; so a simplified (or totally absent) AI isn't a problem. Did i get it right? thanks
  13. I think so, after all it is a full-fidelity module.
  14. You can try to match simulated VR stick and seat with the real counterparts.
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