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  1. I would also say that my C2D e6400 processor is to blame. Maybe it doesn't like multi-core :/ My PC is no slouch - C2D e6400, 2GB DDR2, Ati X1900XT and 24'' Dell. LOMAC flies smooth as butter on high settings and 4AF at 1920x1200. It never falls below 30fps. As soon as I start the mod, i get 15fps, even if I lower resolution. What about running LOMAC on just single core? Someone knows an application for dedicating processes?
  2. I love the mod, but it slashes my frame rate to half, from 30 to 15 fps on 1920x1200 and high settings. My trackir also stopped working and switched to hat switch. Too bad as it really improves the visuals. Maybe dev could incorporate something like this in their next patch for LOMAC.
  3. You know what they say - if the shoe fits GGTharos...
  4. So that more people would choose to play the game, because the most common opinion about the SF is that is an intrusive piece of garbage, since almost every developer had dropped it and it's cracked, just like every other copy protection. SF was one of the most bad decisions made by ED (not that it was the only one, obviously), that only turned simmers away.
  5. What?! A stand-alone?! WTF!!! I'm sorry, your wrong BeachAV8R, what made LOMAC great is, that both A2A & A2G guys could play together in coop missions. This is seriously FUBAR situation! My optimism is gone - why would I need to wait a few more years for A-10 and other planes, if we have them now in LOMAC?! And not that BS is that much a leap forward tech-wise! It's still DX8 game, for Christ sake! And we loose so much with this decision! I find it greedy, just like they don't give a rats* for their community, as long as they make a profit. Every decision in the past was made that way. I've had it with ED - they can play with their market strategies, copy protections and further prolong the release to infinity and beyond, I can take just so much s*/7! Especially with the elitist idiots on this forum that are only protecting ED's decisions and are putting down everybody, who's not playing along! WE MADE THIS SIM GREAT, THE COMMUNITY, NOT ED!!!!
  6. Herds of animals, birds, civilians (maybe some hot Russian babes, lying on the beach - you can't not like that one ;) ), tornadoes, nuclear weapons, balloons and zepellins ... That's all I need for some crazy action in BS, MUAHAHA :devil:
  7. Is it just my PC or is old Frugal's place gone?
  8. Hmmm, me also. It's on Saab Gripen's page http://www.gripen.com/en/MediaRelations/Image_base.htm, under Gripen Fighter -> Air-To-Air -> 6th page
  9. :doh: Here you go http://gib.gripen.com/gripen/Standard/SearchResult.jsp?recordView=SearchResult_ThumbnailView&page=6
  10. I lost my hard drive and on it was my collection of photos. Among them, was this one Photobucket resizes them, so I can't use it for my desktop anymore. I'm sure there are people here that have it in their photo library, so please, would someone be so nice to share it, post it, whatever? Please? edit: I found it
  11. ... and he was what, 13 years old? :doh:
  12. I'm a lurker and a loner - I don't need high post count to feel confident and don't fly on-line, ever! I believe there are many more like me out there. I speak when I have something to say and I said it with no ill intention, so there's no need to apologize. I wasn't rude and I only said what I think. The same couldn't be said for some of you. To TekaTeka: I know that you don't feel biased, but you are. You can't claim that the product doesn't affect your feelings about it, especially if you're enthusiastic about it and putting so much energy into it's development. But many of you also forgot that the product is directed at customers, and customers don't care about A-10C simulator, or whatever. We played this ''game'' with deadlines many many times before. The same thing happened with the announcement about releasing some additional information on BS in June (by Chiz, if my memory serves me correctly), that was released much later on. If I don't like one thing, is false promises and making fools from those that believed their promise. I find very hypocritical, when the same people, who are now preachers (not everybody of course), were not that long ago the biggest whiners on UBI forum. Sorry if this is not something you would like to hear, not my fault. I'm just saying it because 1. - I'm also enthusiastic about the GAME (it's a game people, OK?) and 2. - because I hate when other people's trust and patience is being violated and ridiculed. I feel so much better now :closedeyes: Before I return to my anonymity, I'd just like to send good wishes and luck to all the team (beta & ED), to finish their work as it deserves and to hopefully soon see the best helicopter sim in the world. Over & out :ufo:
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