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  1. https://massun92.gumroad.com/l/VTreS?fbclid=IwAR1RxDi1rZlauzdAIReDOudUqT27UWqgHK0Ns3Q3eGJ8y2k4F4u8YXY2PHI https://drive.google.com/file/d/11GiECtlrGhXEkoMwl_yJP00sCzeLlQGP/view?fbclid=IwAR3tWbV2QZiED5K5-J_6aYSYhLuCfZnwmdiZFyRmAzD_pq6iKqGiUmclqGQ
  2. Persian Gulf: abandoned airbase SE of Liwa AFB. Press Lctrl+W in Mission Editor and input these coordinates (Decimal): N 22°46.496' E 55° 3.690' 330 ft.
  3. You must have a 30 kts headwind over the landing area for recoveries (landing area is 9º deviated from the bow heading). Aircraft carriers chase the wind many times during recoveries or carrier ops. I usually set the boat to 25kts and headwind over landing area of 5kts. Play with both numbers in Mission Editor as long you have 30kts of headwind.
  4. I use visual cues and i have a JetSeat with SimShaker software to "feel" the turbulence, so in some sort probably it´s easier to me to find/feel the burble, and at that moment i cut power for a few secs, and right above the ramp you have the sink hole. Hard to give an exact location just typing, but, about 100 ft before the ramp maybe? (it´s real closer thani think it should be but i don´t have sources to say it otherwise). I noticed in a few attempts that it´s easier to deal with the burble, or at least to notice it, if you are in the glidescope with little power adjustments and the moment you hit the burble you´ll see the Ball going up. Definitely it enhances the realism/technique in my landings but the downside for now it´s the nose down at the ramp messes my AoA as i mentioned. If i could i would take a pic but i only fly in VR and the screenshots aren´t the best.
  5. I use a technique explained by Jell-O from the Fighter Pilot Podcast, when in the burble i cut a little power for a few secs then put back on the same position it was, otherwise if you cut too much power for too long you´ll end setting too much power to compensate when your´re in the burble suck hole. I need to practice more but it worked for me. The only thing needed now is ED fix the nose pitching down at the ramp.
  6. No issues here and in my opinion i don´t see any possible conflict.
  7. You know what? it already happened to me with the S-3b but was ages ago that´s why i didn´t remembered at first and still today i don´t have answers Glad you have it fixed.
  8. No issues here and now i use it on all my Supercarrier missions. Work like a charm
  9. In DCS options you can set secondary shadows but only works when Terrain Object Shadows set to Default as description
  10. Yup same here. A must have for my carrier ops and i hope it can be fixed.
  11. It´s my wish 1000x. I use the Supercarrier since day 1 and almost everyday. I love carrier ops and all things related, but, in my opinion i think it will take more time I´m always eager for an update for the Supercarrier but i also try to not think much about it, just training whenever i can and catching some bugs to report. But the future is bright! We meet in the briefing room.
  12. From Carrier ops manual for DCS: "Use of Radar altimeter during Carrier operations: In real life the “RADALT is set to HUD” the entire time the aircraft is at sea. The switch on the HUD control panel does not move all deployment. The Flashing B that will appear on the right side of the altimeter above 5,000 ft is accepted."
  13. It was my first image on my mind when i started this thread.... I know that "bounce" wasn´t the best word to describe what i was trying to say but i think that in general everyone got it
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