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  1. Thank you for your reply. Yeah, i already got it working and with IADS script too. Awesome. Best regards, F.
  2. Hey no worries i was just trying to understand and to be helpful in some sort.
  3. You can disable the IFLOLS pop-up window. I never used it anyway, even when was not possible to disable in DCS options i used a little mod to disable it. I was talking about the physical Meatball blocked by the F-18´s in the boat not about the Meatball Pop-Up window. The meatball will guide you to touchdown, but hey, do whatever works for you because in the end it´s the one thing that matters. Keep up. F.
  4. You shouldn´t be looking to speed or altitude. The only things you need to scan until you land is Meatball, AoA, and Glidscope, nothing more. That´s why i asked why you blocked the IFLOLS.
  5. And a last one of the CV-59 with whiter markings:
  6. I fully agree. That´s why i try to balance that whenever i can at my own needs between reality or usability, i choose the later (i´m using deck liveries with whiter marks so i can spot easier the deck in VR, or, the liverie i posted earlier for improved deck textures, both are a good example).
  7. In a simple search in DCS User Files you´ll find this: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3319070/ All carriers in deployment sooner or later get the deck darker due gases, fuel, oil.
  8. Muito obrigado Eduardo. Going to compare with my missions. Bruno.
  9. Eduardo when you said it works i believed you You´re one user that i always praise your opinion. If don´t be too much trouble to you but can you send me that simple mission so i can compare with mine to check what i´m doing wrong please? Thank you once again, Bruno. EDIT 1: i only get it to work with moose 2.5.0, and albeit my script have c130:Spawn(3) only one is spawned. Going to further testing. EDIT 2: got it to work with latest moose 2.7.10, i just deleted the triggers etc load everything again, changed script for a new one and for the moment it seems it is working. Still can´t find what was the issue... Thank you.
  10. Just edit the mission file and erase the mods needed. Open the .miz file with WinRar and open the file Mission with notepad+ or Windows notepad.
  11. My problem is that didn´t work. I use RAT in all my other maps (NTTR, Caucasus, Syria, PG) but didn´t work on SA map. Going to try again to see if i can understand why didn´t work. Neverthelees, all i need to know that it works. @Rudel_chw thank you very much for your help/reply. Best regards from Portugal, F.
  12. Anyone tried RAT with the South Atlantic map? Thank you in advance.
  13. Thank you for sharing! Keep up. Regards from Portugal F.
  14. No issues here, working as intended. You could be more specific, single player? multiplayer? which altitude?
  15. Hi, Does anyone tried RAT with South Atlantic map? Thank you in advance. Best regards, F.
  16. Eager to try this with your EA-18G mod
  17. Just a side note, one thing that bothers me in my beloved Hornet it´s the spring/pressure on the main gear seems a little high making the aircraft look higher than the real life one (just my opinion and you can make a comparision and it´s visible), and in this pics the main gear seems correct to me. Just whish this can be fixed, i already tried to mess with the F18C.lua but with no joy. This looks promising!
  18. Why you blocked the Meatball? how you fly the ball? Besides that great video. Keep up. Thanks.
  19. You should be grateful for others work. That kind of comment is shameful here in the community.
  20. Indeed. Wish the external model/textures could be revamp.
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