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  1. Looking at the size of the HMG, I seriously doubt there would be enough room for the gunner to have a full field of fire if both guns were mounted. The LMG's, on the other hand, there should be enough room not only for two guns, but two gunners! Assuming you're fine having more than one window-licker in the unarmored fighting compartment.

  2. 48 minutes ago, SmukY said:

    Air / Ground switch may be related to what they did back in the Afghanistan war, when they used the R-60 missiles for hunting down vehicles with hot engines / campsites with recently extinguished fires at the night, so after firing they saw where the missile went and if it did hit anything, they mowed the area later with guns, unguided rockets and bombs, etc ...

    So it is possible that the switch turns IR head in the missile (or tracker in the helicopter?) to look down than up for hot spots. But I'm no specialist neither for R60 nor Mi-24's antiair capability since it's quite new for me and I've been "researching" (to be precise, fanboying) this helicopter for at least 20 years.


    The R-60 had some functionality to make it more resistant to things like flares, the sun, and other extraneous heat sources. Its possible that switch turns that functionality off and tells the missile 'kill any hot thing'.

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  3.    Sadly the weapons used aren't capable of this. The Ataka is either SACLOS or an RF beam-rider, depending on the fire-control system used. And Shturm is a straight SACLOS weapon. These weapons are only capable of staying more or less in the sight picture all the way to target. And before anyone mentions it, yes, Ataka CAN float high in the sight picture for the first bit of launch before drifting down into the center before impact. However this requires an FCS with rangefinding capability, and its only a few meters of pop-up for the purposes of avoiding bushes and trees on the way to target.

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  4. Most of the Pave Tack's size is its cooling system, which is primarily for the early-gen FLIR sensor's health. I remember hearing something about the better cooling also giving the laser better firing times, but I cannot remember WHERE I heard that from. Otherwise its the benefit of FLIR vs TV sensor, and also the fact that DMAS birds simply can't use Pave Spike.

  5. That would make sense. The 20mm ammo is stored closer to center of gravity, so just dumping the casing overboard won't hurt the weight and balance too much. The .303 is stored in the nose, and there is a lot of it. Losing all of that weight could make the aircraft much more tail-heavy. And as the saying goes: 'A nose-heavy aircraft flies badly, a tail heavy-aircraft flies ONCE.'

  6. 8 hours ago, YoYo said:

    I hope L-166 Ispanka will be modelled also. Hard to tell is it work or not now, in the settings I see this option.


    They've said it wont be, as it only effects a very narrow selection of threats (pretty much only Strela and Redeye). That and, in the timeframe our bird represents, they'd already been removed or deactivated.

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  7. So I removed TrackIR and am trying to go back to keyboard/mouse/joystick view control. The problem is, even with the TrackIR removed, hitting any of the view panning controls causes the view to twitch a little, but otherwise does not pan.


    I have tried removing the relevant headtracker bindings in game, and I have long ago uninstalled the TrackIR software, but for whatever reason I still cannot get my view panning control back. I do recall it worked PRIOR to installing TrackIR.


    EDIT:  Of course, after posting that, I was able to 'fix' it by using the clear all bindings control in control options and starting from scratch. Guessing there was a binding in there, somewhere, that wasn't obvious.

  8. 2 hours ago, Fri13 said:


    This requirement to center physical controls is little annoying here and there. I fly with extended joystick without FF or spring. I have clutch dampeners so joystick stays where I leave it.


    You might be better off (and more realistic) in not using the trimmer at all in that case. Its entire purpose in life is to reduce loads on the stick so the pilot isn't constantly fighting against reversion forces in forward flight. If your stick is non-centering and holds position on its own, then you already have precisely what the trimmer would be attempting to provide.

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  9. LOAL had been in service in RL. it’s comfirmed by SMEs.

    but implement it in DCS need many hard work, both ED and Deka, I can not be sure it will come or not.


    That whole 'missile API' brick wall that Heatblur is currently bloodying their head against.

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