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  1. Yes Will, that’s exactly the point :) The reason why people have to put curves in DCS is not that ED has simulated stick input versus control surface displacement incorrectly, but rather because sim pilots usually have light joysticks with small movement range and of course the lack real world forces on the pilot that gives the all so very important feedback. Ripping of the wings was not a common problem for real life Tomcat crews... Still following? The reason that you have not put a curve on the Viper is because it’s not very sensitive as it should be. If you have a more serious flight stick (for example heavy to give full inputs on) that becomes very apparent. Sure I could just set a negative curve and be happy but that doesn’t fix the fact that there probably is something that needs to be tweaked by ED. For example, maybe they have the CG in the wrong place, requiring higher elevator displacements to rotate during take off. Or maybe the same reason why it underperforms versus the Hornet at sustained turn rate due to drag from excessive elevator outputs. The last part was only an example why it’s important when dealing with simulations, to find the root cause of problems and not apply superficial fixes to the symptoms. I hope that clears it a bit :)
  2. The issue is simply that the module does not seem to perform as it should. Testing different curves is merely a workaround. Why is the Viper feeling heavy and sluggish? Since so many things affects the flight model it's always best to correct the issue at it's core.
  3. I have a force sensing stick, the FSSB R3, and the Viper is reaaaaally heavy and requires very high inputs to perform. Flying any other DCS aircraft, like the Hornet or Tomcat, they are much lighter on the stick and very agile. DCS F-16 is NOT agile in comparison. Reading the real flight manual it should only require a very light pitch input to rotate during takeoff, in DCS I have to pull a substantial amount just to get the nose wheel of the ground. Also it takes forever to attain high G-loads. The real aircraft should have a VERY high onset rate. This is Early Access, but this is something I hope they are working on. Regards, Jax
  4. Blasphemy, cassette player! Best intro in the history of motion pictures… "Hey Thumper, you've got something to play?" "I´ve got something that will blow the roofs off in Anchorage" Cassette player: "… Running where the boys run free Burning up the sky Chasing angels" I NEED to be able to do this. You hear that Matt! TWS and all those extras can wait! Thanks!:smilewink:
  5. Actually its this link: http://www.realsimulator.com/FSSB_R3_Forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=172
  6. Finally a module that comes with standard mapping for the FSSB R3! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=244404&page=2 Those of you using a R3 make sure to check out Mark_Cassidy's script that will produce aural feedback based on stick deflection through your headset/loudspeaker. It's a must! http://www.realsimulator.com/FSSB_R3_Forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=172 The Gripen sound profile is available in the same thread! Really looking forward to the F-16! Now, if I can only get my old Cougar Throttle pots to stop bounce with the beat.....
  7. Still room for some improvements but good enough for today. Now beer. ;)
  8. I didn't think it would be possible but I never gave up! Enjoy the video!
  9. I am also very interested in having MFD:s exported while still flying in VR. Anyone knows if there is a solution yet?
  10. Thanks HOOK, I really enjoyed the match, and you did an awesome job as commentator! I hear the NFL is looking for a new voice ;) I'm very impressed by the Fishbed Teams coordination, I would have loved to hear their radio chatter. You can easily argue that the Viggen and it's weapons are still work in progress and other map technical aspects but in the end it showed that it's not only the hardware that matters but rather tactics and skills! And that should be a motivation for all to learn and improve no matter what aircraft you prefer to fly. Once again, thanks for an awesome experience I never would have guessed I would be a part of!
  11. Hi everyone, I just want to say that I'm here entirely of my free will to announce my support for Justin Case's idea! Also how about making it easily printable, or in PDF/JPEG for export to a tablet device or kneeboard?
  12. Excellent! Then someone's working on it, and in the mean time I'll go take a quick type rating on the search function :book:
  13. Hi there, First of all, Im a big fan of the DCS serie, excellent work! Little about my self, I have never flown a real, KA50, A-10 or P51(yet...) but I do have about 4000h spread out on helicopters, airliners and aerobatic planes and my comments below are general observations based on my aviation experience and therefore maybe not 100% correct for the P51. Although my bet is that they will be applicable. Im not very convinced of the flight behaviour during high alpha and especially combined with high G [read dogfighting]. All planes I have ever flown will warn you of an impending stall. Either naturally by buffeting, or artificially by visual or aural warning, by stick shaker or on some military planes rudderpedal shaker (!!). Or a combination thereof. The P51beta however will just start rolling and then snaping to the left when increasing Gs and alpha during coordinated flight (and to the right with power off) I bet the real plane would shake quite a bit before a wing stalles and you would also feel it in the controls. A more accurate simulations would be to implement buffeting in the cockpit (shaking) and maybe also a low frequency sound. In some planes the buffeting of the fuselage is actually hearable (not to mention the application of high Gs!). Also while Im at it. The blackout effect by g-forces are set way to low. 6-7gs without g-suit and pressure breathing is hard but not impossible, the blackout in the sim starts to early, already below 6g. Blue skies, Jax
  14. I'm using the samsung LD220z. It's a 1080p 22" multi-touchscreen, which works really well with DCS, and I suppose most sims. I cant imaging going back to using the mouse for programing the CDU =) Theres no need for a sim to "support it", windows just translates the your taps into mouse actions. Although, look where you tap, I have accidently shut down an engine on more than one ocassion when trying to use the UFC ;-) There are of course other brands too, I dont wanna give Samsung any free promotion, their dead pixel warranty for screens smaller than 24" (I think it was 24..) is really lousy, I found one on mine but hey, life goes on=)
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