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  1. OK, I hope this time I have a solid fix. I ran a program called TCPOptimizer. It changed a bunch of stuff. And it seems to be working. Im gonna jump back in the RAF which has 20+ people in it. If that dont do it.... :)
  2. I think from his site, cant quite recall. But just in case others should check too, to see if its a specific site. Ad-aware and SpyBot didnt pick it up, just StopSign.
  3. I have 2 SATA2 drives in RAID. I did a check disk, everythings good with no bad sectors. Yeah this is a pain, it just started one day, and I wish I could recall something that may have triggered it. The thing is though, its fine in single player and every other game runs fine. Just not LOMAC. I will go through some other games I got to see if there is a problem with them. BF2142 runs great.
  4. I am using every progams I can think of. Spybot. Ad-aware, StopSign. Of course every program seems to find something different. Its hair pulling I tell ya.
  5. I just ran a Virus/Spyware scan with Stopsign. It shows the F15_updater.exe infected with Trojan.Bambalan
  6. Well I have 2 NICs on the MoBo, its an A8N-SLI premium. Both have the same issue. I run ping with /t /l 2048
  7. Nope issue still there. Nothings been changed in the system to cause this, it just start happening. I just ran a ping to our server where I was having the problem. Over 1000 packets, no loss.
  8. You guys need to share. Though the Su39 sure would rock.
  9. So I got Tweak XP and ran all its net optimizations. So far I dont see the same lag as I had before. More testing is needed, but probably a hosed reg entry.
  10. I have F4 and F4:AF. I love the DC. But there are things that must come first, or the DC sucks.
  11. It happened at my house in Oregon, and now in New Mexico. I am running Pro-caff. Something else is going on. It could be packet loss, but I have no idea as to why. Its all the time, not just off and on. I pretty much cant play MP at this point. Oh, and it does it in BS also. I think Windows seems to have a problem.
  12. Anyways. I am not saying a DC wouldnt be nice to have. But there are bigger issues that need to be addressed, and I think the DC should be at the bottom of the list. If we cant even have functional, indepth, missions (or TE' s since you all have to reference to F4), then what good is a DC. I am sure ED could make a DC right now. And no one would be happy with it, because it wouldnt be like F4 :( , why? Because the AI doesnt react very well, and it would feel the same as it does now, generic and sterile. People need to quit beating the DC drum, and realize why there is no DC. I think I am just repeating GG.
  13. So I have recently developed a problem I have not seen before. When playing online, I start getting these 'pauses' that last milli-seconds to a few seconds. Everything in the game freezes, yet I can still look around with my TrackIR. It is directly related to the connection it seems. It doesnt happen in single player. The more people in a server, the worse it gets. I am on cable, and have an excellent connect to most servers. I have reinstalled my chipset drivers (including the network), reinstalled my graphics drivers, and I have reinstalled LOMAC.
  14. Same here, and everyone else I was with. I think it may be a corrupt mission, or something happened with their script program.
  15. Nice arguement! You win, theres no debating what you say. O.o The faults of LOMAC not having a DC having nothing to do with the DC. Poor AI response, will a DC solve this? Poor graphic optimization, bringing any system to its knees with too many unit, does a DC solve this?
  16. We have the F-18 in LOMAC...... just cant fly it with an F18 cockpit. So then this package has functional radar, and all the rest? If not, its just graphical, and if time was taken the same could be done for LOMAC, but why when there is no A2G radar and all that.
  17. Wow, wish I could create missions in that.
  18. Well they have said that they plan on naming the next product 'Tank Killers'. So to me at least, it gives me a general idea of where that is headed, and how current development of LOMAC leads to that.
  19. Then dont buy it. From what I have seen on the forums, most dont think as you do. What other 'fighter' sim, also has a Helo? A flight sim isn't limited to fixed winged, so to me it fits into a 'flight sim'. I think BS will be a much bigger success than FC was. I love the Su25T, but this Ka-50 is just so unbelievable. And I think that most who dont think they would enjoy flying the Ka50, will once they try it, to a great extent.
  20. I personally would only care to see jetwash modelled if it was also other than visual, ie.. the turbulence. Which might be possible, but I think ED has greater things to focus on. Water kicking up on runways would be cool. Bird strike and icing would also be very cool. Icing I think if possible we would only see on AFM tho. To add to your list, I am not sure the conditions needed, I would like to see flame-out of engines.
  21. Just to note concerning CW vs Pulse. Both would be able to detect doppler shift. The biggest advantage of pulse vs CW is peak output power. You would need a much larger system to get the same output from a CW than a pulse.
  22. Boy, watching those Flankers fly makes me cry for an AFM for em.
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