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  1. I was really pulling my hair on this one! For my however I had to disable the top box. Swap axis. I only needed to invert x and y.
  2. Could they have removed the option but that it is still functional? I and a couple of others use FFB joysticks with hardware trimming. We select the no centering spring no ffb option but when cyclic trim is depressed {trim function in game to program the ap banks}the nose pitches down and when it is released the nose pitches up. This behavior started occuring somewhere in 2019 and has never dissapeared sadly. It has been confirmed as a bug but till this day it hasnt been rectified.
  3. Bump. Bug still in effect. I cant help but wonder. There was an autotrimmer function for a couple of months and then it supposedly dissapeared again. Reticuli talked about the autotrimmer and that it was a bit bouncy in a few modes and especially so in the stick with no springs no ffb option. Could it be that autotrimmer was removed but some code still lingers and especially so with the stick no spring no ffb setting? Dear ED, your new AutoTrimmer option is problematic for the Black Shark - Bugs and Problems - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  4. Thanks man. I’ll go read the manual to see if something else has changed. I felt that tms forward long to make spi didn’t work either. I had to drop a mark point first and make that spi. I hope the manual is up to date though. Anyway tanks. I thought was doing something wrong or my binds were messed up or something.
  5. finally starting to fly the warthog II and doing the training missions. In the tutorial the instructor tells me to push coolie hat down short or J to switch mfd pages. this doesnt work. not even pressing the J short. coolie down long does display the dsms pages but short does nothing. is this a bug or is it removed due to realism?
  6. yeah man at least have more than 1 bind for 3 way switches. I want to be able to map the desired heading track to my warthog path altitude switch but in game there is just one command for the switch. at least have 1 bind for up and 1 bind for down. now it cycles in 1 direction.
  7. I support this request. +1 Anything that makes the lives easier for those that do the leg work in getting me my dream cockpit.
  8. Hi Cobra, Might I inquire what the forcefeedback options mean in relation to Vjoy forcefeedback sticks? I use a brunner ffb base and before this update the f-14 ffb blows every other module which uses ffb out of the water. But I take it your adjustments dont work with my brunner ffb base because it uses Vjoy to interact with DCS? Could you tell me if Brunner has contacted you to work out their FFB support? it uses plug ins and vjoy to simulate the FFB from DCS and its still in its infancy at some points although its an awsome ffb base for sims like X-plane, microsoft flight sim etc but it lacks capability in dcs still. Such as no stick movement dictated by the game. it will shake and such but trim is only possible via hardware trim. Id love to hear from you if you guys have partnered up with Brunner as I think your F-14 module is one if not the best module all around and certainly with FFB. I can literally feel how much attention to the force feedback you guys have put into the F-14 i just cant experience everything the way you guys have programmed it.
  9. well they don't. they wipe but vision is just as clear as without wipers.
  10. Ranma13 Is correct in a lot of this stuff. but the Cls-e is not a direct to drive. its belt driven but you dont notice that. The Cls-p is direct to drive if im not mistaken. Flying the P-51 and f-14 however is a joy to fly. it also does stall buffeting. You can really feel when you have to ease of the controls to not buffet. THe F-14 is formidably well done but that has been due to the very good work of the heatblur team. The flaming cliffs modules feel quite rudimentary. its there but not as sophisticated. The hardware trims are awsome and fully programable. I can even trim planes which dont have trim. But still I am not happy withe the extension i have. 12 cm extension from virpil but the stick is too far from me still. So i have ordered the 200mm s curve extension from virpil and will have to see if it holds up FFB wise. If you really want alot of lbs to throw your weight onto then you would be better of with the P variant. you could even software limit the axis with that device. with the E not so much. any limit you put into the software can easily be pushed through. not even noticing a bump if you are already at 3nm at the threshold. For me its enough. hopefully witht the s curve as well. with the extensions that i have now i dont even utilize all the force at the axis limits so I have some spare force I hope to use for the longer and a-symetrical extension.
  11. Yeah Thats been resolved in a later software update.
  12. Right now in FFB games it only emulates ground rumble, and stall buffets and in some games gun rumble. the rest like load rise and spring strength and spring curve is programmed in brunner software. so it wont take the games ffb settings for that kind of data. so you would need a profile setup for each plane if you want. i just use 1 fixed wing profile though. about hydraulics and force trim is that a question or statement? you can emulate hydraulics and you emulate force trim. The hardware trim is awsome. done in brunner software you can setup buttons for airelon trim, rudder trim, pitch trim and cyclic release trim. even outside of any game you can push the trim hat for instance pitch down and the stick will go forward and stay there. also the cyclic release when pressed lowers the spring strength and you put it in a new position and let go of the cyclic release button and then where you left the stick is your new center with proper spring resistance like it was as if it were in the original center position. about the unchecking hydraulics button i was aware but flying the p51-d in dcs without hydraulics and a load rising profile in place i still dont feel it. but i havent really tried after the latest two software updates.
  13. I dont know how to explain in kilo’s or pounds. Total force peak what brunner device can give is 4NM ofcourse with an extension this Will feel lighter. But I have two profiles set up. One lighter helo profile and one stronger fixed wing profile. The stronger profile hits maybe 3NM on the Axis extremes. Any stronger and i wouldnt be able to fly for longer than 15 minutes due to fatique I would think. The mongoos stick is very light in contrast to the warthog! Also i used to use Milans 12 cm extension but am now using virpils 50mm and 75mm extensions on top of each other. The force can be overcome however. I mailed brunner when I was on the fence if I could program a software limit on one of axis. To emulate less travel in the pitch down area like most fighter craft. They said I could but that I could easily push through becausenof the force limits on the cls-e. I tested this and I couldnt find much added resistance when hitting the limit. If I wanted to really limit this off I should buy the cls-p version with a strength of max 40/50NM somewhere along that line. But if I want to know how much that costs I would have to ask for a quote. And that usually means it's too expensive for me :) Yesterday after a few windows 10 updates I tried calibrating the analog beaker lever again and behold! They changed the calibration process! Or I did something wrong the first times. Now I got a slightly different calibration screen and although it still says push a button to continue it doesn't respond to buttons and I have to click next in the menu. So triggering that button on the brake lever axis doesn't end calibration. I now got a 100 percent compatible virpil stick on top of the brunner cls-e.
  14. I tried the Warthog stick with 12 cm extension. Was great but too heavy Cyclic trimming in helo was not 1:1. Because of the shear weight when let go it dipped a bit so wasn't trimmed good enough. Now am using 12 cm extension with mongoost50cm2 stick. Works perfectly. Only downside is that calibrating the brake lever can not be done in brunner software *yet*. They advise to calibrate in Windows. Problem with that is that if you press in the brake lever that the last third of the travel it will trigger a button press which ends rhe calibration prematurely thus you can only use 3/4 of the total brake lever deflection.
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