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  1. OK ... link to original grinelli design mod doesn't work. Nightstorm could you reupload?
  2. Awesome!! Keep up good work! By the way, is RWR implemented as lua script or it is in .dll?
  3. You are right ... I only saw this simulator footage and thought it would be awesome to add this to this mod ... Thank you for your reply!
  4. Ahh, ok. So congrats and thanks to Grinelli design too. OK. What about writing own avionics? Is it possible as is or do some also encrypted ED "stuff" is needed? SDK maybe... pardon I'm new at this DCS Mods thingy.
  5. Hi Nightstorm! Congrats on your hard work! I'm testing your mod now and it's awesome! i need edit it myself too ... a specially F-15C HUD visor. Do you maybe could point me where to start? I'm asking which script/dll is responsible for drawing the HUD contents or maybe how to find it?
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