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  1. You need to trimm your aircraft everytime you change a Powersetting or your Attitude. Rudder, Elevators and Ailerons. You get used to it after a while. Set some Buttons on your Joystick up for it and start training. Oh and you can´t fly this airplane straight and level without at least a little bit of control input.
  2. zur Aktualisierung: alles wurde verkauft und hat hoffentlich ein paar Simmer glücklich gemacht. Thread kann gerne geschlossen werden. Grüße Acerus
  3. Hallo liebe Simmer! Nachdem ich mein Interesse an der Flugsimulation verloren habe und privat einige Änderungen ( Nachwuchs :D ) bevorstehen habe ich mich entschlossen mein TM Warthog und mein Track IR 5 zu verkaufen. Der TM Warthog ist 8 Monate alt, wurde aber nur 3 Monate bewegt. EDIT: Leider kann ich nach dem Umzug letzten Monat die Rechnung des HOTAS ums verrecken nicht mehr finden. Sorry!! Bilder vom TM Warthog: http://imgur.com/a/83O0h Kommt in der kompletten original Verpackung. Der Track IR 5 ist genauso alt, kommt aber ohne Rechnung und ohne original Verpackung. Bilder Track IR 5: http://imgur.com/a/AJ4Pf Meine Preisvorstellung: Für den TM Warthog: 160,00 Euro plus Versand------verkauft! Track IR 5: 60,00 Euro plus Versand------verkauft! DIe Pedale sind verkauft. Preise sind durchaus verhandelbar, sofern sie nicht völlig abwegig sind! Wer interesse hat und/oder Bilder sehen will kann mich gerne per PM anschreiben. Bin allerdings dieses Wochenende erst ab Sonntag wieder erreichbar. Ich poste das zuerst hier weil ich weiss das hier die Dinge den Flightsim-Enthusiasten erreichen. Sollten keine Reaktionen erfolgen, gehen die Teile in die Bucht. Grüße Acerus
  4. Exactly how i feel about it. I just come by this forum once a week checking if something happened. But for now im off to other things.
  5. You just need a German U-Boat. :music_whistling: I know its some Time ago, but still....
  6. As an early A-10 Beta buyer I am sooo happy to get the promised NTTR-Map at least. But i never imagined that it would be that awesome! I have to admit that i was a little pissed when the Map was delayed and delayed and delayed and so forth. ED will at least fullfill their promise, coupled with a complete new Engine..... Thanks for the work ED, and to do what you promised. :thumbup:
  7. Me neither. And the Elevator TrimTab is also not working. This would be very useful as right now i am constantly pushing the stick forward in level flight (no curves on the axes).
  8. Im happy about every Aircraft that is developed at DCS-Level! But i voted for WW2 because i just love those Prop Planes. Waiting for a P-47:thumbup:
  9. My MiG 21BIS is working nicely but still the Module Manager says: "No Key". Is that how it supposed to be? Maybe this Module is not recognized correctly? Anyway, as long as it works.... Still would be interested if that is right.:huh:
  10. Just wanted to throw in that if you have a TM Wathog HOTAS, it is really intuitive and easy to operate even in a stressfull combat environment. I did bought the A-10C in Beta Status while i had a shitty Joystick and had to do Finger acrobatics on my Keyboard to get everything done. So, having the right Tools at hand can make a huge difference! If OP is more interested in just hoping in and have some Fun he should stick to FC3. If he is more the patient Guy who is interested in learning and operating a Plane correctly i would always go with the A-10C Module. Assumed he is willing to invest a lot of money on a HOTAS. Just my 2 Cents.
  11. I would say White Sands but isn´t that outside of the NTTR-Map?
  12. Regarding North Korea: http://i.imgur.com/UHEnmA2.jpg
  13. Had the same Problem: This solved it for me.
  14. Nice to know! Thanks for your Time, now go back to Bed! :D
  15. That did work!!! Thanks! But how could that be a Problem? Anyway thanks for your Support.:thumbup:
  16. Sorry for being rude! Had a hard working Week behind me!
  17. I tried all you mentioned and still it doesn´t work! By the Way: The reason why i am pissed off was more because there is (was) a Post just above me who got all the Attention and replys after replys from you. Now what?
  18. Thanks Cobra847, i was asked to install the Key and did so. But still no Joy, the Modul Manager say: "No Key" and no Gauges are working....
  19. Thanks for the input but i bought it on Steam with all other Modules available. I checked my Steam account already and the MiG 21 is listed and the Key is there also. I just can´t enter the Key! I don´t know whats wrong here! I thought Steam Keys would work with the Modules downloaded from the DCS Website. The reason why i don´t want do all the installation with Steam is that all other Steam Games goes to my HDD while DCS should be on my SSD. Thanks anyway!
  20. I did now a complete reinstall of DCS and the Problem still exist. I never get ask for a Key and the Module Manager (in which i can´t enter a Serial) says: No Key! I thought this would be the appropriate Part of the Forum to Post my Issue, since it only occurs with the MiG 21 Bis and not with the other Modules. But as it turns out, im getting absolutley ignored here. Did i mentioned im pretty pissed off right now? :furious:
  21. Hi there LNS, after the last update i wanted to fly the Mig 21 but all the Gauges where not working. I did check the Module Manager and it shows "No Key" in the Serialnumber Slot. I deleted the Module and downloaded the latest Module-Installer, but after installation it won´t ask me for activation so i end up in the Cockpit with not working Gauges again. :cry: I did execute "Repair DCS-World" and tried to Update DCS again but to no avail. The Module was purchased via Stream but i just use the Key from there for my installation. Could you Guys please advice me how to make the MiG airworthy again? Thanks! P.S: Working Nightshift now so i can´t answer til tomorrow.
  22. Flying the MiG21 i remembered some Cold-War Music:
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