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  1. Hmm with more than 500 posts, you should know that these comments rarely gets an answer and especially with Strike Eagle, the aircraft properly with longest hypetrain and development time...
  2. I ain't holding my breath anymore have been waiting for this bird for tooo many years now, so until there comes something official from ED i am just waiting patiently in the shadows
  3. So you would could land it like a Hornet, with minimal flare and lots of wheelbrake
  4. Since the Strike Eagle is a heavy bird especially with drop tanks, are the landing gear then stronger than for example the Viper and more similar to the Harrier and Hornet... Asking since i am a Hornet driver and has a tendency to tough/hard landings, and was wondering if i am gonna break the Strike Eagle with this kind of treatment..
  5. Lol no problems, it happens
  6. I think Ron from Razbam said he hoped/expected it to be released during 2022, so soon is perhaps a little optimistic and with the Strike Eagle hype then it has been close to release several times now
  7. Okay cool, just wondering. Then the fuel load are also similar to the Legacy?
  8. I am still waiting on my payment mail (ordered 4. April) but my calculations are that between 4-6 weeks from pre-order and then another 10-14 days for shipping
  9. Are the loadout possibilities same for the normal Hornet and the CSJ, or is there added stations, as seen below???
  10. What i can gather from the responses here is, that around 4-6 weeks after pre-order, you will be getting the payment mail, and then within around 10 days its been shipped...
  11. Know the feeling, i am checking mail and spamfilter daily and login to my orders on their site to check status there too, just be sure
  12. Sometimes i forget how gorgeous DCS can be in the morning
  13. Hi, If anyone could do this one, it would be super cool, and sure it would look amazing in DCS.. And i know its the D-Model but could still be great on the C-Model. http://the8shadesofblue.blogspot.com/2018/04/us-navy-vfa-103-jolly-rogers-pow-mia-fa_30.html
  14. Can you buddy refuel from an AI and does it work like normal AAR in the Hornet?
  15. While I am awaiting the arrivial of my F-16EX, i was wondering is the rumble feature just a fun gimmick, or do it add to the immersion when flying..?
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