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  1. I don't care much about the in cockpit buttons because it's stupid (I have a keyboard that can "simulate" clicking buttons) I really only care about the fly dynamics and whether or not they can put in a better flight simulation.
  2. Hmm, what seems to be the point of a frangible cover? They'll have to replace it every time they fire the cannon.
  3. This has been bugging me for a bit lately. I was looking at aircraft pictures and I can't seem to find where the cannons are placed on a few aircraft. Where are the cannons on: Mig21, Mirage 2000, Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, F-35 I've looked at a ton of pictures but I can't figure out where they find space to put these guns in. I think The f-35 has a bulge and that's where the gun is, but for the rest of the aircraft mentioned, I can't find it.
  4. Since you guys are modelling the F-15C, why aren't you guys modelling respective aircraft? I'm sure the Soviet Union didn't introduce the Su27 and not upgrade it from time to time. Is there a "c" version of the Su27?
  5. Common sense? Tell me Steve, since you're so new and updated on things. What common sense is there in releasing an add on pack for a 7 year old game that cannot be bought in stores or anywhere for that matter? So much common sense that the only customer base that will ever know what Flaming Cliffs even means is the current Flaming Cliffs customer base? With the tiny feature list of tweaks and patch updates, not even the Digital Combat Simulator customer base, who may have never played lomac would know what flaming cliffs is about. In fact how are you going to market what essentially is a large patch as a 29.99 product? In a sense, I feel like ED is trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of this community but I love them too much for keeping flight sim gaming alive to really get angry at that fact. I think what T-Bone means is why not cut up Flaming Cliffs or Lomac for that matter into bite sized chunks. Release them separately as DCS games, update plane models one at a time (how hard it is to create a singular Flanker model) and release it as DCS modules. For instance, lets look at this: Every 6 months, they'll take a plane from Flaming cliffs. Lets say Flanker, update the model, weapons, radar systems, etc. Maybe do a complete AFM overhaul of each plane and then release it as a 19.99 module. Go at the same rate until all Lomac games are successfully ported into DCS. At the same time, you have continuous updates across the board to create a master product. Once all is done, release a SUPER sim of all the aircraft.
  6. Wait then why don't they just port over all the aircraft and call it DCS: Fighter Edition. I mean the code is in ED's hands or is this some kind of intellectual property dispute? I don't see anything good will come out of marketing an expansion for a game that nobody can realistically buy anymore.
  7. Why are you guys still bound by Ubisoft? Why not just add in 6 new low AFM airplanes to a "DCS:Expansion pack" And forget the bloat that was Lomac? Like I don't even have my original Lomac CD Well, I do have Flaming Cliffs on this site so maybe that'll work but still, I have DCS KA-50 why not just release it as an expansion pack to that? Seriously, there is a box of Lomac sitting on my self with nothing in it. 7 years is a long time to keep an aging game. And here's a shoutout to all the old timers, at least you guys are still around!
  8. Anyone have videos / pictures of the C model?
  9. I am shy to admit that I use a Macbook Pro. :D I figured it out, pressing s unpauses the game.
  10. I have a laptop keyboard and it doesn't have pause break!!!! How do I start missions?
  11. Can some Admins please rename the forum browser title to Eagle Dynamics Forums for obvious reasons? My GF is beginning to get suspicious ;) Thanks.
  12. Bad idea dude. You're hitting memory limits, not card limits. If you want to play very high water, turn off FSAA since you're already hitting 1920x1200 memory limits (there's a very easy way to calculate how much memory a card needs based on resolution, i believe in Crysis, the game takes up to 300 memory for 1680x1050, just enough for my 8800gt to run it perfectly, but it lagged like crazy on my older 8800gts 320mb)
  13. Very very nice screens. Everything looks very cheap and to the point. Perfect interface design so far. Only one comment: Make your white / black bordered drop down menus more interesting / fitting with the theme. Font choice "could' be better but all in all very nicely done.
  14. The funny thing is, the forum skins makes a really really great web design. It looks very professional, compared to the official site. Port this skin over and DCS will jump to the top on google.
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