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  1. I do not have the stable installed on my PC, not enough space....In theory the mod was working for the beta before it went in stable, but there may be an issue...I'll try to make room and check.
  2. 40 fps in AH64 / Instant action / RUNWAY START / gunner seat with OpenXR ! What are your graphic settings and your CPU ?
  3. I do not think 20 fps without reprojection is a good thing, same for 30 fps by the way. Could you launch AH64 / instant action / runway start (caucasus), go to gunner station and look at your fps without reproj ? The AH64 has currently a big impact on fps...
  4. Except when fps go to 20 because of reprojection and rendering fps being <30 or rendering fps beeing less than 60 so reprojection triggered on.. That's what I have with the AH64 and OpenXR...
  5. I do not know for 2D, but it is a real problem in VR when reproj is triggered. It make a big part of your FoV blurry. I had to disable it by my mod (for the player AH64 only, because it's not an issue on other hellos...)
  6. It seems strange to me that mod is doing that, because the only shader linked to map are for shadows and I chevked the mod for all laps to find them... But can you post a track ?
  7. It means the d3d11.dll has not been removed by OvGME. It should have been removed by the .bat, I'll have a look, Of course you can not remove the mod when DCS is launched...
  8. Maybe you can get the version for AH64 and replace back the player AH64 by the gazelle... I did not have this issue when doing the mis. 3 with the AH64.
  9. As the gazelle is not developped by ED, no. I'm on mission 6 now, I did not remember the difficulties of missions. I only managed to finish the first one without dying. Maybe it's because I played them with labels on when I did them with the gazelle, because my HMD had a far lower resolution at that time...Or maybe the gazelle was more easier to handle (I did not fly her for a very long time), or maybe I'm getting older... As mission are quite long, it's hard to take time to stop and look on your path to ensure there is no embush. I ran sometime under AAA fire just by following the flight plan. So I use track recording and replay, plus skip option once the replay drive me to the mission end. Some mission may have win to be splitted in 2 parts, it's painfull do redo the first part when you failed in the second phase. But anyway, there are a good to learn to fly the Apache in night operations, even if radio is not really used except for F10 option...
  10. No. It's here : It includes more features than NVG scaling...
  11. I may be able to add an option, I'll have a look. Do you have some example showing how it should render ?
  12. I just checked, last version of reshade is working with my mod (or vice versa !).
  13. I never notice this kind of issue with my G2, without using any smoothing.
  14. Of course it's with my mod. I totally agree that default VR rendering is not coherent with 2D and not as it should be.
  15. I do not see the problem, here is what I have in VR:
  16. The 16.3 version is available in first post. Compatibility with OB, new feature (OB only): capacity to hide IHADSS for right eye, bug fixes
  17. You can try my mod : you can resize NVG to your taste by pressing key while in game.
  18. I saw the pointer in Dixmude campaign adapted for AH64. It was the same for the Gazelle. But I never saw the laser from the AH64 when firing Hellfire. So maybe the creator use the IR pointer in JTAC option (the laser was visible in NVG as shown in the screenshot). I had to switch to NVG, slave the TADS roughly where the laser was pointing, and then search with TADS. I should have use the seeker option to slave TADS to laser...
  19. Works with NVG but not with PNVS or TADS.
  20. I just discovered that last OB broke some features of the mod: cockpit color / sharpen, soften shadow, labels hidden by airframe, glass reflection. I'll fix it this week.
  21. The only feature linked to plane is reflection setting, because a lot of plane have specific shaders (even if dôme are shared). As I have the F18, I include it in my mid building and testings.
  22. The mod does not include the file containing your settings, so they will remain.
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