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  1. Just be aware that if you change thrugh the LOFC interface anything in the config then LOFC will reset the cfg file value back to 1.3333, you have to quit the game, edit the cfg file back to whatever value you want and then start LOFC again. Quite annoying bug.
  2. Intel si planning to enter high-end graphics market - it might be good for all of us here ... http://www.informationweek.com/story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=201807469&cid=RSSfeed_IWK_News
  3. I had the same problem. Either disabling "User Access Control" or setting "Local Security Policy" -> Local Policies -> Security Options -> "User Account Control :Behaviour of the elevation prompt for Administrators in Admin Approval Mode" to "Elevate without prompting" fixed the issue for me. Plus I run LockOn as member of Administrators group.
  4. http://www.inition.co.uk/inition/products.php?CatID_=8
  5. Nice graphics! But, does it support 1600x1200 resolution ??? ;)
  6. I totally agree with Cali. I think it would be nice if smoke rised to proper height - a mile or so. If LOMAC can show AWACS trails hundred miles long for forever - then I think it shouldn't be problem to have "longer" smokes for longer period of time (10 minutes at least) ...
  7. Nice movie ! You are getting better and better. Thanks !
  8. I don't use antivirus. My login account is not member of admin group and can write files to only few folders. I use NAT router with no open ports & ZoneAlarm. I use Opera - and for rare occurences when I have to use Internet Explorer I custom setup IE security to forbit almost everything except basic stuff. I am very careful what I download. My wife's account can write files only to her folder, use Opera too, and I forbade her to use Internet Explorer and download anything. I am running like that for about 10 years and I am pretty sure I haven't got any virus/spy/adware on my box so far. About year ago I bought Norton Antivirus and scanned my box. It did not find anything so I uninstalled it next day (because I noticed that it slowed down my box). I will probably re-check my box with antivirus sometimes in few years again.
  9. Probably top (LOMAC) wish on my list would be Track-IR working in all external views in combination with mouse ...
  10. Maybe because all supposedly round shapes like knobs and "clocks" on your screenshot are actually oval .... You might want to check this thread: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=13573&highlight=widescreen for information how to correct LockOn's aspect ratio on 16:9 monitor.
  11. Just to enlight you, Sonny, each web server runs many threads (tens of them). Each web request is handled by separate threads. So if you are writing any web applications (which I am not) you in fact need to be aware of threads (unless you are doing something really simple like static pages). Each meaningful web browser runs multiple threads. That way it can download images separately from web page text. Each meaningful database engine is running multiple threads. Otherwise your database query would have to wait until my database query ends. Even simple slideshow viewers run multiple threads. While one thread handles user input and displays images, other threads are prefetching next images so when you hit the "next image" button the already pre-loaded image is displayed instantly. The list goes on and on ...
  12. Wow ! Excelent demonstration of the ejection seats ! I though you can eject only up-perpendicular from the plane but it looks like on the video the seats are ejected in front of aircraft nose ! Even if the plane is upside down they got ejected and gained altitude !
  13. Does anybody know how this magic reverse hyperthreading buzzword works ? I am programmer, 95% of code I write is multithreaded, but I really cannot imagine how two cores can process a single threaded program faster than a single core (apart from some asynchronous stuff - but asynchronous processing is essentially not a single-threaded program) ... I am affraid a lot of people on this thread are putting their faith in a rumor ... I would like to be proven wrong, but I am quite confident that in this case I wont ...
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