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  1. Hi, SOLD Regards, R1
  2. Hi, SOLD Regards, R1
  3. Hi, It's here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1790104#post1790104 Regards, R1
  4. Hi, I separate: UFC + Indexers >> sold Armament HUD Control Panel >> sold Auxiliaire systeme NAV_Panel >> 60€ Auxiliary Lighting Control Panel >> 60€ Caution light_panel >> sold Canopy_panel >> sold Elec pwr panel >> sold Emergency flight control_Panel >> 80€ Environment Panel >> 80€ Ext_int_light panel >> sold Fuel Quantity and Hydraulic Indicator Panel >> sold Fuel Panel >> 80€ IFF_Panel >> sold Intercom_Panel >> 20€ (just the panel) Landing gear panel >> sold NMSP panel >> sold Oxygen Regulator panel >> 60€ SAS_Panel >> 60€ Stall Panel >> 20€ (just the panel) Tacan Panel >> sold VHF AM radio Panel >> sold HARS Panel >> 50€ ILS Panel >>sold Anti G suit valve Panel >> 30€ Arm Ground Safety Panel >> 30€ EGI HQ TOD Panel >> 30€ + Shipping. Following soon ... I separate all if you are interested, my cockpit here and you can see the panels: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=84572 you can contact me via PM... Regards, R1
  5. Here >> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=108445 :smartass: Regards, R1
  6. Hi, It's here >> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=108445 Regards, R1
  7. Hello, Full UFC, just plug in USB (cable provides) and configure the keys in game options UFC comprising: - A Leo Bodnar card BBI-32 already installed in the housing. - Backlight installed with ON / OFF switch for setting function (to connect to a 12V alimentary). - Master Caution functional LED installed (just plug into a IOCards card or other ...) Indexers and AOA ARSL Both AOA indexers and ARSL also ready to plug into a card or other IOCards. UFC + Indexers >> 200€ + shipping. Sorry for my bad English... Regards, R1
  8. Thank you very much for your comment. Following the CDU soon. Regards, R1
  9. Hi It's been that I have not posted my update simpit, here are the news: I received my two 8 "for my MFD, and I must say that it changes the life of a" pilot ". Installed, connected and hop ... awesome! Then I recovered all my simpit and here is the result of day and then at night, with lighting that goes well, we believe it. I'm still missing a few panels as the CDU and CMSP, they are fabrications. For the rest, panel VHF, UHF FM and Tacan I still have to mount them. At this moment I prefer to do flight on my simpit. I have my periods and any so the hard part is done, now it's just fun! Regards, R1
  10. Hi, Can you give us a little tutorial to use? I tried to SIOC but it does not work, I'm sure I set the path for the sioc.exe. You can also tell us how to run a program (Helios) which is located on another machine network? I'd really like to use your program looks very convenient, you just how to use it. :) Regards, R1
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