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  1. The sounds come from some one that flew the real thing I asked about it showed it to him (He was impressed BTW). Any pilot could actually tell you that. Sounds are actually somewhat muffled in the real thing due to sound proofing not sure how it would be modeled except from recording from inside the cockpit excluding ear plugs. I am more looking for the changes in electrical which are still noticeable even in the helmet. The lights look like 16-bit draw ins and don't reflect the color. The strobes are really good. The engine lights are very nice I am only talking about wing lights they are also look like bubbles which even in lock-on were that way. Not trying to be over critical just looking at some future ideas.
  2. Seems like the lights for the A-10C are not complete or functioning as they should they don't seem to be the right color also. This might be sort of a engine limitation I know for some lights it can cause slowdowns etc. I suppose my questions is will the new engine have new sounds and light effects? Don't get me wrong this module is my fav and is amazing but the internal sounds are off can't hear electrical as you would in the real thing. The lighting effects would add a lot too and actually that would complete and polish this particular module.
  3. It seems like there is ghost terrain when at 20k then descending to land there is a cloud layer a terrain. Also when I select and out-load then later change it the new out-load does not initialize at all. Weapons show as empty. I use the editor a lot so I guess no one else has notice these issues? The ghost factor is that there is a layer non-existent terrain. This is only when flying at high alt. Then coming in for landing as I get lower I see a cloud of terrain which looks very abnormal. I am taking about bugs not anything I am doing wrong with it so to speak. I will try and get some screens.
  4. In the mission editor you can't change weapons in the A-10C at least because then it won't load the radar or the weapons loaded. This is when you had one out load then change it from the editor. Also fly long distance say 200MN high altitude then coming in to land (A-10C) the terrain has a ghost factor to it. It goes away but to your sides these is like a land cloud. The piper does also not work when making missions (From the editor).
  5. A Fav please can someone post a video on how to enable the piper. In a user created mission I cant get the HUD to display the piper what I am doing wrong I know the A-10C inside and out now. I can use laser guided bombs, mav, auto nav, I just go into the weapons page select a dumb bomb set it to CCIP and it won't display in the HUD... WHY does some one have or can someone post a VID of you doing this for me please. Thank you, CJ
  6. Works fine no performance impact or improvement.
  7. Just to confirm this will just be the FC3 version with the AFM not a DCS high fidelity version that's in beta testing?
  8. DCS: EDGE Integration REC Requirments. With Edge coming out soon I am wondering what kind of performance we will be getting? Nevada and especially Las Vegas is a decent size major city not to mention that the ground objects look pretty high in detail. I am meeting the REC REQ's for the release of the new engine but often I find that min = it will run at low settings and at recommended requirements = you can run it good with med/high settings then there is room to improve for the future. Since Edqe runs on servers for real life/commercial simulation this often means 196GB ram multi SLI capable 4 usually is is max in current technology out of the box. Not only this at least in a Microsoft Enterprise Data-center environment is about 64 CPU's. This is based on a VDI from the server interface thats usually porting into simulator environments. Some of these even in the past like what NASA use to have really had stiff requirements. What do you expect from ED/DCS on what EDGE should offer in terms of product cost which is already $250+ for mods. in a mostly enthusiast type of home simulation enviroment. I just find to be able to enjoy this sim FPS on all of the map is really needed to get the effect of flying. Also will there be N Vision or 3d support at all?
  9. Whats this from? Is this a new map or is this commecial stuff? Well looks like this is going to be a new map Belsimtek Corsica. So those of you that are pissed about Nevada can't complain anymore lol... http://ocb.net.au/board/index.php?/topic/6369-new-map-corsica-by-belsimtek/
  10. Even with edge I don't think we will get that sort of specular and I don't think its really possible yet to model the lighting of that sort of variation of colors. The specular is what what makes it fantastic. EDGE will get the job done though. There are literally a trillion light bulbs in Vegas. I am personally hoping to model the earth in DCS if it's possible might actually be a money making project? Anyways I would also like to see Edwards AFB but I see Nevada as a demo for the edge engine and I can't wait.
  11. Have you ever been the Las Vegas. It really is the city of lights.
  12. I like the new map it's not good for a real war area just red flag. However I believe this map is just a demo so that others can start to make new maps. DCS/ED are going to start to pass off development and be the technology that drives it. They cant grow and keep the same business model. It's time to make real money and share in the creation process at the same time.
  13. Yes, if anything guys Nevada will just get more developers into this. EDGE is used for commercials stuff also so really once this is out I believe that the DCS/ED guys are going to do less work and start making money off their hard work by licensing out projects with the new engine. You know DCS/ED cant carry this project forever so development and branching out is sort of necessary. EDGE is a good way to start doing this. It will set a bar part none to anything in flight simulation by far for home use that is.
  14. SU25 is not a functional aircraft does not have click-able cockpit. It's easy to use and fly.
  15. With the new engine world mapping is possible so the old map could be converted. It might however need to get some new textures. Other wise keep the old textures will stay but in reality I would think that with EDGE it will already look better because of DX11 and the overall design changes. It won't be the same unless the old engine stays installed and there are two existing engines in DCS: World I find this to be unlikely.
  16. Oh I looked at the title of this thread and thought it said next titty. :-(
  17. HEHE don't assume I am reaching but you are right "soon" for a release has been years and years in the making... Key word from DCS sources is "integrate into DCS" by the way.
  18. If you are using a low end system edge won't be much of a benefit. EDGE is going to vastly improve on the mistakes that were made with the current engine. If anything the engine will be better then the current version. However to more directly answer your question the requirements will change so a Windows 7 or Windows 8 system will be needed. Your also going to want to have a DX 11 video card. Not sure if DX 11 will be a system requirement but if it's DX11 then the engine DCS/ED are proposing will only be DX9/11. Upgrades might be required for move up. To get the most out of it upgrading would be a good idea. Can't really say for sure until we have it on your systems.
  19. So as far as I know and this is not confirmed but version 2.7 can be the stage before edge or will be the EDGE version or we won't see a major update until EDGE is built into a patch. However it's very close and we have a really good chance of getting our hands on it before the end of next month. FYI EDGE is going to be sort of unusual in that with will integrate into DCS: world. Install/Clean.... etc this means that it will fixes and patches and all work and progress can be kept and maintained as far as fixes for mods. I am excited too very excited.
  20. I think knowing what the variations of sounds while flying are important. The question is that ringing is not always there so what other videos can we come up with. The ringing in the background is from the engines, electrical, fuel systems running, etc. It's really hard to say with out sitting in a flying and running a-10c.
  21. The new engine with 3 or more areas to fly around in.
  22. The best explanation is that I also have issue with FPS and lighting and even just external lighting seems to have an effect on performance. Please be aware that EDGE is just on the horizon for DCS World I can feel it in my bones. With this new engine these flaw I hope will not exist. DCS/ED have had a lot to learn during the DCS project. Thats really what the issue is. The current engine won't be here for another 6 months so best bet is just to hang tight.
  23. Your system is so very much on the low end as far as GPU that its not really a valid complaint in most cases however if you look at my spec. DCS world still have issues with Cluster bombs, explosions, and other items that are not and should not be slowing down more then 2-4 FPS. DCS world and it's engine is basically a well used piece of junk. It does not use multi-threading or a GPU in a modern intelligent way. ED/DCS know this and that is why they have been developing EDGE for such a long time. For now performance and DCS is just a fact of it's existence. If DCS was using a GPU your system would not be getting 16FPS it's your CPU thats getting your FPS. You are also using a laptop which is not good for PC gaming in general mainly due to power limitations, voltages and overall engineering limits.
  24. Is there going to be a official beta release out? or is the project releasing a final version or at least a v1.0?
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