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  1. It has nothing to do with the shadows, the helicopter works pretty well until we start working with additional Video sources like TADS, Digital NVGS, what gives us huge FPS drop, which persist after Video sources has been turned off. For me surprisingly even NV Googles causig FPS drop, but not immediately, but with time, even when turned off, the FPS drops - Like a chain of some invalid calculations that cause a leak of Vram.
  2. Lowering the details without the implemented new visible graphics solutions does not make sense in the long run, temporarily yes, until they fix it. Why is it worth reporting such drops and reporting observations? So that in two years we will not wake up again with ZTX 6090 graphics on medium details with 40 fps, crying for a new graphics engine. I've already flew two flights at my full set up in 60 fps. I just don't turn on any extra stuff like Picture in picture, I'm learning to be a pilot. and here another observation, even ordinary non-digital NVGs, can start the frame drop chain.
  3. From today's flight, CPU and GPU not maxed out, but FPS goes down, GPU Vram i got maxed everytime, in other modules too, but other modules runs in stable 60. With TracIR everything below 60 makes Military Sim Unplayable for me by by jerking, jumping of Headtracking (i bet every TrackIR user knows that pain)
  4. I fly over Nevada, it's not map problem, it's module related. Besides, I came to the conclusion that it is not only the fault of the additional images being turned on on the MFD and IHADSS, because sometimes, but not always with longer flights, the frames drop regardless of this. There is also one other thing, often after turning additional images on and off, the frames come back, not to the original level, but come back. But it takes them a long time, even up to several minutes. All mission conditions, weather and time, always the same.
  5. Got same problem, even created a topic, but devs cannot reproduce. Looks like Video memory leak. When i start misssion, i got stable 60 FPS, the longer i fly the less FPS i have and this is bad, considering it's an empty mission with no other vehicles.
  6. With my rig, I am doomed to be a pilot, every image from external cameras like FLIR, etc. causing FPS drop to 40. But I'm happy to be a pilot so no problem with that.
  7. I'll try but it's not that simple, at first 40 mins of flight FPS seems back to normal, after that time everything go messy, so problem looks more complex. If You can run track sent by me in first post, he is pretty showing whole situation. But, if You can't run that long track i'll try reproduce it earlier, but i don't know can I fit in these magical 40 minutes. Sequence when problem occurs: Cold Start, and after 45 mins of flight, turn on Digital NVG on IHADSS, fly a little, turn off IHADSS (leaving Digital NVG on), fly a little, turn off Digital NVG switch to off.
  8. UPDATE: When i don't use Digital Picture on IHADSS (in my case NVG) i can fly whole 1.7h long flight over Las Vegas without FPS drops. Standard NVG works good, MFCD > VID > Video causing big drops, but after disabling Video transmit FPS go back to normal. Only Digital image on IHADSS causing drop which still present after completly disabling it.
  9. @NineLine Yes, it can be Vram related, maybye any leak? Because in other airframes problem don't exist (even f-16 with TGP ON keeps stable 60 fps over Las vegas). Today problem occurs when i enabling Digital NVG on IHADS after 40 mins or more in air, FPS don't back to normal after i turn it back off, they raised but don't reach initial fps. You cannot reproduce because got better machines than mine But many people have. Full DxDiag attached. DxDiag.txt
  10. Agree but first 45 min of flight is absolutely good, constant stable 60 fps, low over the city, and only Apache related. Sure, i can lower visibility range from extreeme to high, textures to low but why? Sim works good, but bug appears and i report it.
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