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  1. Found it You have to disable ''Control Helper'' but enable ''Central position trimming'' :thumbup: I guess ''control helper'' could be explain clearer but everything works as it should
  2. I just tested the Ka-50 and it's not doing it. On the Ka-50 it's working as it should. EDIT: tested the Huey and working like the Ka-50, as it should
  3. After today's update I flew the Mi-8 again (after a long pause) but I seem to have a problem with the Trim in general that IIRC didnt have before, at least not on the Huey nor the Ka-50. I have both Rudder trimmer and Central position trimmer thicked. It seems that each time I trim, it's not where my control was, they are always off. It's quite hard to fly it steady when it's behaving like that Am I the only one? 1st pic: My controls initially 2nd pic: My controls just before I push the Trim button 3rd pic: My control after I pushed the Trim button :cry:
  4. you can see a lot of X52s in movies because of its shape and blue lights
  5. update 1.53 is out now full video + changelog http://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/499
  6. I know it would be a daunting task, but would it be possible to have a sticky with all the known issues so that we dont repost a known bug?:thumbup:
  7. there is a hot fix somewhere for the mig21:thumbup:
  8. http://www.milleniummicro.ca/fr/sto STO sur Charest. AccorD Voila.... nouveau GPU :thumbup:
  9. it's written that those of us who bought the A-10C while in beta wll have the map for free (thx) Are we going to have it while in alpha or we'll have to wait for the final released map?
  10. yes you can disable chat. During the 1st preview of KSP 1.0, when there was something important they were locking ALL chat except for mods
  11. official release trailer for this week ${1}
  12. The video @ Nevada in high speed looks really good. What GPU(s) were used to make it fluid like that?
  13. Project CARS has gone GOLD 7th May for France 8th May rest of Europe 12th May N-A
  14. New 1.17 BETA is out http://blog.scssoft.com/2015/04/beta-update-117-is-now-ready-for-public.html
  15. we have to hope that ''smoke'' will not stay the same as we have now for tanks/IFV :music_whistling:
  16. Fl330 might be a bit low. Have you tried over Fl400? Have you tried vertical takeoff with less than 1\3 fuel?
  17. autopilot was set manually from FL380 to 100' https://twitter.com/flightradar24/status/581073962274328576/photo/1
  18. I think it was asked, but I'm not seeing the answer anywhere: Do we have to buy each module separatly or it'll be a combo with them both? And when coulb we expect the preorder to be opened?
  19. you speak like if we have an A model..... (real question)what would be the benefit(for non RL military people) to upgrade our Hog? and what would is the difference between the Litening pod we have compared to the SniperXR?
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