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  1. I had my curves set and they were not set all the way to the corners, so when i put them back to default where the x and y were both 100/ or 0 the game/crew chief picked up i had moved them correctly and moved on
  2. See I've just finished this mission and campaign now, and had the same error where she wouldnt say anything after i said i didnt need more info, so re-flew it and asked for more details and it played out ok...
  3. OK Kotor I'll restart the campaign and see if it still happens
  4. I'm getting stuck on the second mission on Dixmude where i take out the first target and then get try and get meatball to engage but he doesn't? I even did 3 return trips to FARP to take out all targets but the mission doesn't progress even though most things are down. The apache even landed when i did my first re-arm. Any help would be appreciated TIA
  5. Just another one with the same issues as FlyingFighter511. Its a great mod so happy to wait until a fix is out. Keep up the good work
  6. Exactly, getting responses back and feedback during just gives that better immersion that I really can’t wait to use! Release the Cat!
  7. Press release... 2 weeks now same happened with the hornet boom!
  8. What a glorious video, really shows off the skills of the model makers for the module... and really cant wait for it now!
  9. Try toss bombing, Set the bridge up as a target waypoint, wait till the 20-25 second count down pull up, press the trigger and watch those bad boys do the business
  10. I've just started this campaign, and can confirm like petecassar said its broken. I get the second trigger telling me to land at the first farp but when i try to contact them i dont get an option to bring up the radio menu. its only when i land do i get the list up?
  11. R.I.P Igor and condolences and thoughts to all at ED and his family Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I think 251 is around Channel 17 for most servers who've not changed default bud
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