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  1. The MiG-29 manual is a declassified flightmanual by Alan R.Wise, published by Schiffer, a really well done manual. Google on it and u will find it. The Russian PDF manual I have already ;) Looks really old indeed. I am a manual hunter, but a SU-27/33 manual I havent seen yet.
  2. What would the GCI panel have for writing in Cyrillic and where is it positioned ?
  3. Thanks Tracker, Will certainly try to use this, although most of the time the panels show abreviations and technical descriptions. Still, a good link !
  4. Thanks OO, I know the Fulcrum site of the german JG73, and it indeed has helped me a bit in the past. I also have a fully documented translation of the MiG-29 manual, the puzzle starts to get to find out what description belongs to what panels and switches/buttons. Slowly but surely I am getting through the complexity of this planes avionics. ;)
  5. Hi Olgerd, Sorry for the late reply, this time the forum didnt send me a notification when someone posted a reply, so hence the lateness coming back. Thanks all for helping ! The pics come from a Slowak MiG-29, in Russian except for the Navigation and Radiochannels these are in english and are western made, funny mix though of these panels. Currently in service.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the help sofar and if possible would like to ask for one more. Apparently this shows the rightside panel of the MiG-29 IFF modes and Radiochannel selection ?
  7. Thanks a lot for the info! Really appreciate the help you guys give sofar, hope it isnt asking too much. Am I right that the above panel is for external lights? Because it seems more for internal lights, like the lamp test and floodlight for example. Or is this panel below for exernal lights instead and the above for internal lights ?
  8. The fuel problem is solved, apparently after enabling the Fuel pump the rest is automated upon starting the engines, similar to the SU-27 startup procedure. Now have arrived at the external lights: Looking at these turning knobs and the text, would it be so that the text changes here when turning a knob? would that seem logic according to what it says here and what would it probably say if so?
  9. Hi, You are right, the engine start panel is moved forward directly right of the righ knee. I have the functionality of the engine start, also have the translated Dash manual, but lack the part where you tell the plane to start sucking up fuel and assumed it would be on the fuel panel at the left. The big 'black' panel in this Slowak AC is for IFF and Tacan channels and this panel is in english. The rest of the pane is in cyrillic though unlike the German variants which have more translated panels. So I will continue to look for that fuel stuff ;)
  10. These pics come from a Slowakian MiG-29, see the gallery for a preview at http://www.cockpits.nl Thanks for the info re this panel, really helpful. now I have to start looking elsewhere in the pit for master fuel/engine feed , so if anyone knows how/where...
  11. Fuel panel MiG-29 For modelling a full rampstart I have currently arrived at the fuel panel. Apologies for the large size pic, but that way it would be best readable. I am primarely looking for a Master fuel switch and a Engine fuel feed switch, but similar to these would be nice too:
  12. Hi there, Well I have been looking at a Lockon pit lately, they are pretty nice already. Not sure how my pits would fit in, but it is not an impossibility. Am doing a MiG-29 for F4 currently, great plane and pit. :wink:
  13. Some more help please Thanks everyone for the great help! I have one more question re the MiG-29 annunciator lights. The afterburner lits up 2 warninglights for the left and right engines. LH ENG reheat(AB) and RH ENG reheat(AB). Does anyone know what it says in Cyrillic in the MiG-29 ? I know the SU-27 uses 'forsazh', but I expect the MiG-29 to have something else. My Lomac version doesnt display cyrillic warning lights but in english...
  14. Hi all, I have a request for those of you that can read cyrillic. In the MiG-29 there are 5 annunciators (warning lights) at the frontright panel at 1 o'clock that I would like to know of what they mean. It shows the words: MACnO left, MACnO right and MACnO KCA. And in green: TPNMMEP P.H. and TPNMMEP 3nEPOH See the attached picture. Thanks in advance for yr help! Aeyes
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