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  1. Thanks for the reply. On my end the flickering does seem to be coming from the clouds, sun, cockpit reflections - no ground objects are doing it as far as I can tell. In the past, I've found that if I wait long enough someone finds a fix or a patch resolves it.
  2. Hopefully, someone will find a solution. I tried messing around with different bit settings in Nvidia Inspector but I could find any that fixed the issue. I know there are other using SLI still and I'm not in the market for a new card right now.
  3. I use Nvidia Inspector to get full usage of both my cards but since the 2.7 update I now have extreme screen flickering. If I revert to global settings it goes away but so does my full usage of both graphics cards in SLI and my FPS plummets. Anyone figured out a fix for this? I had been using this guy's guide to getting SLI to work in DCS but it needs an update now that 2.7 is out.
  4. I have the same problem now in 2.7 with SLI. Extremely bad flickering. I tried adjusting things settings with nVidia Inspector (which has been the only way I get fully SLI output) but it does seem to matter - flickering remains like a disco ball.
  5. Thanks for the reply. That certainly fits my situation it seems. I am waiting on a new video card (GTX 1070) so with any luck that will fix my issue. For the time being, shutting down DCS and loading it back up will have to suffice. At least with the new M.2 drive everything certainly loads much faster now.
  6. Post OB update and I still have this same issue. I just reformatted my computer and now have everything on an m.2 drive. Reinstalled nVidia drivers, etc. Same problem as before though - 1st flight in the sim has great frames down low, hit fly again and that flight has reduced fps and stutters.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I was hesitant to call it that, but it certainly seems like that might be the culprit on my end.
  8. I've tried everything I can think of at this point and I have been testing this with the same simple mission in Normandy using the Mig-29A. The first flight is really nice, smooth, down low, over cities, and everything stays in the mid 40 FPS range. Once I get back out and hit fly again though the next flight has a significant FPS drop (down into the teens) with stuttering. I've deleted the saved games fxo and meta shaders folders and tried mess around with in game and nVidia settings but the problem persists unless I restart my whole system - and again I only get one good flight in. Does anyone have any advice?? I already have a paging file set up 32gb of virtual.
  9. Agreed. Will the DCS' Supercarrier automatically turn into the wind when launching and recovering aircraft??? Seems like that should be a standard feature.
  10. I am having the same issue with a progressive fps loss but not with any particular aircraft. I start out with good fps and then after about 20 minutes of flying around will have eventually dropped down into the low teens. I have the latest nVidia drivers installed (445.87).
  11. We really need a combat mix option. I've done a few test runs now. BMP-2s are very hard to kill - requires a very high angle of attack at close range. Anything above them - all tanks and BMP-3s are pretty much unkillable with the this ammo load-out. ZSU-23s and APC-80 can be killed though. Will a combat mix be available?? - there are plenty of articles about AP / DU rounds being used in the past on USMC Harriers: - 13:30 mi AP/DU talked about. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/pgu-20.htm M791 APDS-T would be nice: http://www.alternatewars.com/BBOW/Weapons/AFV_Guns/OATK_25x137mm_Ammo.pdf
  12. Okay thanks. Its looking more like some kind of hardware conflict for me related to Track IR running the background potentially. If my TIR is in "paused mode" before entering the ME then my monitor won't freeze, ie go to a black screen.
  13. To be clear. There is no crash log (no CTD at all) recorded because the program is still running apparently. I can hear the music but the screen goes black and I cannot get back to Windows. This only happens while I'm in the ME. No mods, vanilla OB install. Clean up/ repair ran, problem persists.
  14. I'm getting lots of system crashes while attempting to use the mission editor in Open Beta. The sim freezes in the ME and then my monitor just goes black and I'm unable to Alt+tab out of the sim. I have to completely reboot my computer. Anyone else seeing this?
  15. I'm not sure if this is just for the AV8B but I've noticed the cannon no long will damage armor. This includes an few SA-11 launchers and BMP-2 I was gunning today. Anyone else seeing this in Open Beta???
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