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  1. Get a GTX 1070 or 80 then you'll have no stutters at all.
  2. Hi all, Just this weekend i bought myself a NVidia GTX 1070 card which replaced my ageing SLI set up of two GTX 770 2GB cards and the difference is amazing!!!! With my old SLI setup i only got around 30-40fps in DCS World 2.0 in 2560 x 1440 on my Asus 4K monitor and it would be even worse when i flew over Vegas dropping into the 25fps region. Now with the stunning GTX 1070 i get a solid 60FPS in full 4K and it only drops very slightly to around 45-55FPS when i fly over Vegas, i have MSAA set at 4x and Anistropic set to 16x wth everything else at max settings. I also have noticed a distinct lack of the terrible micro-stuttering that i used to get in DCS 2.0 with this new card in fact it's almost completely vanished i guess becuase there's no more SLI which DCS 2.0 does not support. DCS 1.5 runs at a staggeringly solid 60fps in 4K with no drop anywhere at all even over the fullest forest or the most dense city, indeed in DCS 1.5 everything is maxed out even running MSAA 8X and still getting a solid 60FPS. Now i'm not paid by NVidia or anything and i am sure AMD's new cards will be just as good as the 10 series cards but this was £425.00 very well spent, and at last i can fly my DCS planes in DCS 2.0 the way it's meant to be.
  3. Wow Reflected!! That guy in the Mig really does need a wing, and a prayer, probably the wing more!!!!!!
  4. Hi all just noticed in the 1.5.3. update I seem to have lost my moon, presumably aliens have not blown it away or something but I cannot see it anywhere at evening or in the dead of night any one else has this problem. Cheers Rob.
  5. I totally agree with you Speckfire I just cannot find the author of these two grey-green skins, all the others I have, authors are listed but I think it's best to tread on no ones toes if you get my drift, i'll leave XF and EE uploaded but wont upload any more converted skins. P.S. I found the original authors name of XF's M2000C skin is Martial Feron and the original EE repaint was done by the Metal2Mesh texture team. BRAVO!!! I have credited them in the upload file in DCS files, thanks Speckfire.
  6. I have stated in my upload link in DCS that I claim no credit for any of these skins all I have done is convert the dds files using Photoshop and DXTBMP programmes so they are compatible in DCS. It should also be noted that the original dds files used for P3D are not as detailed as the original Razbam DCS M2000C dds files. At some point I am sure that Razbam will include bespoke DCS skins for the M2000C as time progresses in new updates. There are many skins for the Metal2Mesh M2000C for P3D and FSX and I have them all(over twenty five altogether) some are better than others but it just gives a bit of variety until the new skins or skinners do more the DCS M2000C. I will upload no more converted skins if copyright is an issue out of respect to the original authors. Thank you. Rob. P.S.If you have Photoshop and DXTBMP this conversion process is really easy just a case of rotating images to match the DCS ones then saving as DXT 5 dds files, why not have a go yourselves as long as you own the Metal2Mesh M2000C.
  7. Thanks for your interest guys I've uploaded to DCS just this second will be a while before you can get them though.Here's another spectacular colourscheme converted from P3D. Rob.
  8. Yeah I here what you're saying but I think I have to purchase it to handle these size files, or am I wrong.
  9. I can send you the folders which I've already converted to DCS but they are about 70mb in size so not sure how to get them to you.
  10. M2KC Screenies. Here's a couple more. (Repaints converted from M2Mesh P3DV3 version and other third parties).
  11. Hi all, For all today I've been fiddling around with texture files supplied with the M2M Mirage 2000C for my copy of P3D V3. After some dibbling and dabbling I have managed to transfer over the .dds files from P3D V3 to DCS 1.5 and 2.0 with good results. Now I am not sure if copyright allows us all to do this so I am not going to give full instructions on how I did it just in case, and of course I take no credit whatsoever for any of these textures at all. Indeed I have been told that nearly all the standard M2M FSX textures will be in a further M2000C update so it's probably worth waiting anyway as again there are some minute differences in the M2M model to the DCS model but I am an impatient so and so and did a few today, see what you think. Cheers Rob.
  12. HAE5904 is correct this skin however was a complete re-do of a original skin using the M2M paintkit, however I have now managed to convert the M2M skins(for my P3D V3) into DCS both 1.5 and 2.0 so the above skin is now obsolete Skulleader as the M2M one is much better than mine. PM me and i'll get it to you. Rob.
  13. My first attempt at a M2000C skin. Hi all using the Metal2Mesh M2000C paintkit I did this desert M2000C skin tonight, it's not absolutely perfect as I'm still getting use to the psd templates so there are some mistakes but I am fairly pleased with it for a first go. Cheers Rob.
  14. Ok MarD, Tried F1 and F5 and even F6 I couldn't find 55 and 51 as I'm using older drivers(tried and tested 358.87's) but to no avail all the clouds flickered some worse than others. Maybe the newer NVidia drivers will bring better results for some people I don't know but it didn't work for me sadly but keep up the investigating. Rob.
  15. Hi MarD, Just tried at native resolution(full 4k) no difference here I'm afraid, in fact in DCS 1.5 the cloud flickering was even worse than 2560 x 1440 and FPS to be expected wasn't great but i'll put that down to my 770's.I'll now try the different SLI Compat bits you suggested. Rob.
  16. Hi The Mard and all, I am testing these SLI Compatibilty Bits in DCS 2.0 and DCS 1.5 as of the last two or so hours with two GTX 770 2GB and so far this is what I found. Yes there is a noticeable FPS increase in both versions of DCS, I have V-Sync forced on through inspector(on-smooth)and when I use the good old alt-enter proper full screen mode I get a very steady 60fps on my 4K monitor(but running in 2560x1440 at 60hz), but and it is a big but, I am getting an awful lot of flickering especially in DCS 1.5 mainly on the clouds and some ground textures, this sometimes disappears when you zoom right out and back in again but it seems in my tests it keeps reappearing and this is not pretty at all. In DCS 2.0 I find with v-sync forced on through inspector again I get a nice steady 60fps and I have noticed it is a darn sight smoother but with v-sync off(by pressing alt-enter again) yes I get good frame rates9high 90's to 120's at times) but the infernal stuttering is the worst I've seen in DCS 2.0 so far and again I get flickering clouds and even entire textures missing replaced by awful flickering corrupted ground textures, sometimes they disappear sometimes they don't. I have fiddled with the anistropic settings in both versions but cannot get the flickering to stop entirely. I was also running Re-Shade but turning this on and off made no difference at all. Now I am no expert in graphic settings whatsoever but in my opinion although there is an improvement in overall FPS with v-sync turned off with v-sync turned on via alt-enter there is very little difference at all maybe a little smoother and steadier at least with my rig. I f anyone knows orfinds out how to stop the flickering then the Mard is on to a winner!!!! My Rig:I-7 4690K oc to 4.5ghz.Two GTX 770's.32GB DDR3 1800MHZ RAM,HOTAS Warthog.Asus 4k 60HZ 28" Monitor and god knows how many Velociraptor HDD'S.Saitek Combat rudder pedals.
  17. Done all that does not work for me still getting "timeout reached" error.
  18. Yeah same here "timed out" then gives me log error which I have included below, help!!! autoupdate_log.txt
  19. Pre-purchased mine last night as well. Have Metal2Mesh M2000C in Prepar3D V3.0 and it is truly awesome so cannot wait to get it flying in DCS. BRING IT, ON VIVE LA FRANCE!!!
  20. Hi Statos, Just extract the VNS F-5e folder directly into the DCS World/MODS/Aircraft folder and then that should be it, just check in game in the modules installed section that the F-5E is checked, if not check the box restart DCS and your ready to go, hopefully, I've installed a few this way with no problems at all.
  21. Excellent terrain MOD looks good at all altitudes with very little or no impact on my frame rates, thank you very much.
  22. Beautiful skin Bo I for one would love this skin, i'll look into the bort numbers it may be a case of alpha channels. Rob.
  23. Yeah Mac me too, I don't think the exhaust smoke is implemented yet in DCS but I have no tire smoke at all anymore.
  24. WOW!!!!! Is nearly all I can say about Diveplane's excellent Su-27/33 and F-15C/E engine sound mod. Truly brilliant especially in F3 flyby mode you get that lovely deep bassy rumble even at a distance and a kick in the a** when you light the burners, I thought his Mustang Merlin mod was good but these two are awesome thanks Diveplane. Rob.
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