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  1. When are we going to grow up in these forums?! Fair enuff, the guy's leaving - posts a non-confrontational goodbye - and wallop! - the fan boys stick their oar in. (Maybe I've missed some history here - but I'm sure we can all act a bit more like fellow pilots even if it is in a virtual world.)
  2. I think I've solved the problem...at least haven't seen it recurring yet. I moved the Texture Detail slider up two notches from Performance towards the Quality end. Hopefully this has solved it.
  3. Adapter is Radeon 9800 Pro - 4AA/2AF, on a Pentium 3.2 Have tried with 3 different sets of drivers - Cat 3.9/6.1/6.2
  4. http://www.chriswarren.dsl.pipex.com/water.jpg Can't remember exactly when I started noticing this, but I've messed about with just about every setting I can find, but can't get rid of this grid effect on water. I have water set to medium, but setting to advanced doesn't make any difference. Sometimes I can load up and the effect isn't there (using the same test track), but mostly it is. Anyone any ideas as to the cause?
  5. Aargh! Sorted. Since I don't have a RWin key on my keyboard, I'd forgotten I'd assigned Ctrl-I to changing the radar PRF. A kind soul advised that the | key isn't used in Lockon so I've now reassigned it to that and got the sensor centre function back on Ctrl I.
  6. Seen in the manual etc. that Ctrl-I is meant to centre the sensors. Can't for the life of me get it to work though. Is this just me or can someone else confirm this? Thanks.
  7. Easiest way is to set the view to how you want it and then press Alt-0 and then 0 again. (Might not need the second one, but I've a sticky keyboard!) This will define the default for the 5 key and the look forward key (Ins?)
  8. Thx beterhans - I need to get more familiar with converting the original voice-over to a manageable size whilst still retaining the dBs....haven't worked out the best way yet.
  9. Not quite in Ironhand's league I'm afraid, but I used up a few hours this morning creating this training track + voice-over on Su25T EOS/strafing... Hope it's useful to some...and any feedback welcome.... http://www.chriswarren.dsl.pipex.com/Su25Tstrafe.zip
  10. Hi, Don't know if this is a recognised bug or a conscious change from 1.02....but previously when you locked up a bandit in helmet mounted mode, you got a readout of his speed above yours in the HUD. In FC this no longer happens (though you still get it when you've locked them up using SCAN or TWS). Anyone got any info on this?
  11. Is the league still operative? Have signed up and made a challenge, but now cannot get back into the site - it keeps sending me to the 169th website...
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