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  1. Да уж, адский пипец конечно. Вопиющее неуважение к своим морякам. Жаль, что для того, чтобы это выплыло наружу потребовало жизней нескольких человек... По крайней мере есть вероятность что из этого сделают соответствующие выводы и виновные лишатся погон и/или свободы.
  2. Yeah, I think you're spot on here. I've been trying to fight with this PNVS stuttering for a while now with Reverb G2. So far I think there are several causes of it: - Frame render time. IHAADS seems to render independently of the main picture, therefore it will feel somewhat jerky unless you're completely static. That can be somewhat improved by setting the MDF render to 'every frame' setting, but it won't help a lot and will consume a bit of framerates - Lack of input filtering from VR googles. My Reverb G2 is quite "noisy" even when the head is relatively static. That's translated to the PNVIS camera and causes additional stuttering as it tries to replicate those micro-movements. Probably needs to be fixed by ED, unless there's a way to tweak it somewhere in VR headset settings. - The two above are very relevant for VR, less so for 2D. But there's also some visible stutter in 2D, although much less than in VR. Could be a combination of factor 1 and tracking or there could be an additional factor.
  3. I guess it's nitpicking, but... I'll post it still First of all, flown two missions, great campaign so far. Excellent briefings and I appreciate your effort to bring life to static world of DCS. I love campaigns which focus on realism and operational aspect and you managed it very well in both PG campaign and OCN. Now for the nitpicking part. Our USMC F/A-18 squad is based on land, not on the carrier. Therefore they would not be using three digit modex numbers on board. E.g. no 300, 301 .. 310 like on USN aircraft operating from carriers. Instead, they are typically using two-digit board number 00, 01, 03, .. 07, 10, etc. If you google for USMC F/A-18 photos you will see what I mean. Also, you will generally never see USN/USMC board numbers ending in 8 or 9. After e.g. 307 you would see 310 and after 07 you'd get 10. If I recall correctly this is due to the octal nature of transponder codes which go 0-7.
  4. From what I've heard the reduced detection performance of the radar when flying at low level looking UP is intentional. Reason: significant side lobe noise.
  5. Hi! I'm very sorry for a late reply - had to be off for some time and didn't see the notification. Here is a link to Discord: https://discord.com/channels/625838560204947456/626130378700095488 you can find either Napoleon or myself AndreyZh there.
  6. 4th Aviation Regiment - part of TAW JTF-88 is looking for Apache Pilots and CP/Gs. Who are we The JTF-88 battalion is aiming to be the most realistic and immersive virtual experience while still having a good time making friends along the way. We strive to follow real life procedures as closely as possible in DCS World. We use realistic procedures around the airfields, FOBs, transit and combat operations. We are developing extensive documentation and training materials for our pilots supported by SME's and publicly available real-world documentation. Events schedule Thursdays 19:30Z (20:30 CET) - Training Sundays 18:45Z (19:45 CET) - Training / Missions What's in it for you You get to grow your passion and skills in flying Apache together with a group of like-minded people who strive to get the most out of DCS for 'as real as it can get'. You master not just the aircraft operation, but also different ways and mission sets to employ it in collaborative and friendly way with the rest of our crew. Finally, you can participate in large scale operations together with other JTF-88 squadrons, playing your role in reaching objectives over the campaign spanning multiple months in a given AO. All our missions are carefully planned and executed to ensure we get the most fun and learnings over each iteration. At the moment we are still in the training mode, working towards initial combat ready status. I'm interested, what should I do? Please join our Discord LINK and talk to @Napoleon if you want to ask additional questions or start your journey with us. Additional Information Our basic requirements: Owning the Syria and PG map modules. The module of the squadron you apply for. Owning trackir based solution or using VR. At minimum, have a basic understanding and proficiency in the module you intend to fly. Although the different squadrons have different requirements as far as mission readiness goes and have different requirements for their selection processes. We have a mature user base so we require you to be over 16. More information about the parent JTF-88 group can be found in this post.
  7. Дальность на MPD остается. Но у тебя в шлеме должна будет в левом нижнем углу появиться индикация A x.x где x.x это дальность до точки визирования. Если есть - значит рассчет дальности автоматический.
  8. For me, the Apache is perfectly playable with my regular settings, apart from when I'm using PNVS at night. There it's a complete no-go with FPS being slashed from perfectly playable to unplayable level. Didn't manage to figure out how to optimize that yet. The funny thing is that the overall framerate is OK, but FLIR refresh rate is somehow lower than everything else.
  9. Yes. IHADSS is the biggest source of VR performance issues with Apache. I don't think much can be done about it though, apart from decreasing graphics quality.
  10. Тут можно думать и гадать до бесконечности. Совсем не факт что съемка ИЛС с боевого вылета, а не вырезано из учебного. Если в боевого, то наводит на интересные мысли по поводу доктрины. Пилот только что выпустил ракету, но находится под прямым управлением (ДРЛО или земля), которые говорят ему что делать.
  11. Это всё-таки противообледенительная обработка. Эта штука работает только краткое время, достаточное для того, чтобы убрать лед с поверхностей на время руления, взлёта. А далее ЛА уже следует убраться из known icing conditions. Вероятно, что военные могут обойтись и без неё, но зачем лишний раз рисковать.
  12. Недавно в скваде поднялся такой вот вопрос. Есть отряд на F-16 и на F-18. Периодически нужно отрабатывать ДВБ, допустим пара против пары F-16. Проще всего это сделать поставив одну пару в синюю коалицию, а другую в красную. В этом случае имеем проблему в том плане, что у F-16 в красной коалиции не работает datalink между самолетами в паре. Хотя в теории ничего не мешает ему работать. Это несколько неудобно. Это как-то можно улучшить?
  13. Возможно трос оборвался. Пока неясно.
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