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  1. I had the same issue with the MiG-21 after flying the Gazelle but restarting DCS solved the issue. Pretty much every module is having this sort of problem it seems.
  2. Every aircraft module sold for DCS either works or will work in all supported versions of the game. The F-5E will likely have a staggered release, with either 1.5 or 2.0 coming first and the other a week later. Which comes first is anyone's guess, we've seen it go both ways recently. Regardless, it will be present in both versions of the game and in the 2.5 combined version whenever that comes. I really don't get where people are getting this idea that you have to buy a map to use a plane. That's never been done in DCS and I don't think it will ever work that way.
  3. I'm sure Wags will do a couple videos in the lead up to release. He's been doing those for all the recent modules.
  4. F-5E, it's not a difficult choice either. The F-5E is at the very top of my western fixed wing wishlist for DCS (because it pairs perfectly with the MiG-21bis, which I love flying but currently lacks a suitable human opponent). A clickpit F-15C isn't on my wishlist at all. I already have the FC3 F-15C and fly it for maybe 20 minutes every 3-4 months. It's a terribly boring aircraft imho. I think the Hornet will be the main provider of my western fixed wing 4th gen fighter fun when it comes.
  5. You realize you could just buy it in 2 months right? Or 2 years for that matter.
  6. We will not be able to fly it tomorrow. They stated that absolutely, though perhaps not clearly. We will be able to pre-order it starting tomorrow and at some point between then and the end of July, it will be available for us to fly. The instant we can download and fly it, the 20% off sale will end. What I was not able to determine is if July is the target for early access or the "release" version. BST has in the past only done pre-orders for a week or two, so us having to wait till July seems unlikely to me. Perhaps BST will clarify. Edit: also, cool teaser video. :)
  7. It's worse than that, as it actually makes the nose pitch down even more than it was for trimmed flight.
  8. I think I have it nailed down now. Version: 1.5.3 Open Beta SP/MP: MP Reproduction steps: 1) Trim nose down with mag trim. 2) Apply forward hat trim to limit to the HAT trim's limit. 3) Pull back on stick, nose will drop faster instead of rising or dropping more slowly. 4) Reducing forward HAT trim back from the limit removes this behavior, though not immediately, it requires a few clicks to get out of this funny area. Edit: This occurs when using HAT trim only as well.
  9. I encountered the same issue last night in 1.5 beta. Seems to be intermittent though, as normally it works fine.
  10. Correct, the solution is to create two flights and have the second slaved to the first.
  11. I'm only aware of 2 AI land units that will fire a gun at players from more than 2.5km, those are the BMP-3 (about 8km range) and some German flak tank, Roland I think it is. Even the Shilka will not fire until within 2.5km. That just leaves SAMs to deal with. MANPADs aren't a major concern as they are easily spoofed and also won't fire until very close typically. More substantial SAMs require a more potent aircraft as SEAD really isn't something it's any good at. I should point out that hitting targets using my method isn't easy, but it is doable. I typically land 3 of 4 shots against stationary targets. Against rapidly moving targets, it drops to somewhere between 1 and 2 hits per 4 missiles.
  12. The AI cheats an awful lot but the AI does have limitations too. For example, tanks and IFV's won't shoot their ATGM's at you if you fly more than 100km/h. So rather than hovering, try flying it like a fixed wing attack aircraft and turning away before you get into MG range. I typically fly at around 120-140km/h when attacking. Gives plenty of time for 1 or 2 missile attacks before getting too close. Obviously this doesn't work against anything more dangerous than a manpad. Proper SAMs are a no go for this bird.
  13. Thanks for the update, really looking forwards to it.:thumbup:
  14. The WH is twice the price of the X-55/56. It also isn't better, simply different. Anyways, attached are the lua's for my controls on the SA-342. The basic setup is the throttle does all the targeting modes + flares, the stick slews the camera, selects pylons, shoots and does trimming. SA342control.zip
  15. It should emit the same colors regardless of what the background lighting is. The difference between day and night is due to the background lighting coming through and adding to the AB's emitted light. I don't know if DCS allows for additive light sources or not. Seems like is should but maybe it doesn't.
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