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  1. about the rain efect. Thanks! Skins: so would you recommend that just delete or remove the skins(original) I don't want to another folder and then the game would allow the other skins to populate the droplist then?
  2. Hey all! I'm tryin to make a low level bomb track in foul weather and I can't seem to figure out how to make rain. Are there any settings to change on the "Option" screen(graphics) because the precipitation button is greyed out on my "weather" screen? Also Like a few of you out there, I like a lot of these custom skins. I use Loman to get the skins in game, but the problem is that on the "Payload" screen only 1 or 2 skins for the appropriate aircraft are actually available, when in reality I have about 7-10 loaded into the game(via Loman). How can I get the rest into the dropdownlist to be available for use? Thanks!
  3. Excellent suggestion guys! I will attempt it this weekend. I have the slew cursor set up on the mouse button on the throttle control of my HOTAS and works quite well but requires a lot of skill I think to be able to shellaque>4 targets on 1 pass. I'll check out that track tonight! I usually start at ~2000m with half flaps and airbrake on and "float" down while acquireing targets and firing, but still the laser burns out,I'll have to try Rippling.
  4. Column:------- Wedge:--------------- Echelon Left: H ----------------H-----------------------H H --------------H---H-------------------H H ------------H-------H---------------H H-----------------------------------H If the vehicles are heading ^ different formations, while on the move, make it more difficult to destroy the whole (ground)force in one pass and would add to the tactical realism IMO. The Boolean logic could also serve the airborne AI by, for example, forcing the AWACS to flee the area (or to a better position) if the friendly forces have fewer than X amount of fighters OR after Z amount of minutes.
  5. As it stands, the mission editor provides for very basic scenarios when it comes to AI movement. In future editions of Lock-On, It would be nice to provide a menu for checkpoints that allow ground units to get into different formations(ie wedge,echelon right, etc) and to allow for Boolean logic at checkpoints(ie. if this bridge is out, then go to this bridge) or perhaps with AI A2G forces(if X target has been destroyed, attack Y).
  6. 4!, you musta been close because if I fire at ~10km, I usually only have 1 more shot from say 4km by the time the laser goes into cooling mode.
  7. I personally like it the way it is. It definitely adds realism and it forces the player to adjust tactics and schemes of maneuver to destroy the target(s) while not becoming one. Even the lasers on M1 tanks overheat when confronted with enough targets or when used by an unskilled gunner.
  8. oh ya, I was also wonderring if anyone else was having good stable fps. I have an ati 9600 AIW and get around 40 fps on medium->high with dna drivers.
  9. Hi folks, I was wonderring if anyone had a good setup for the Views in v1.1 I can't stand the default close in view and would like to change it. Also is anyone else having problems with the Zoom feature? I have it set on my x45 and worked great in 1.02, but now it seems to zoom in/out on it's own. ps. Does anyone have a good x45 profile for the su-25T that I could dl?
  10. They have to protect their work some how. I haven't had any problems with my dl and install, but then again I: A) Cleared my sys of all spyware 1st. B) defragged C) turned off all Virus protection on install D) Followed Wags Instructions concerning the install RE: unistalling all versions of Lock-On before upgrading.
  11. So far ED, You have really outdone yourselves! The game seems to run really smooth and the Tutorials are absolutley Fantastic. Whoever did them gets a Toast from me. The detail is fantastic. If that Manual is Nic Coles, then ED really lost a very detailed individual who put together an excellent manual that is very easy to follow. Thanks Again!
  12. Kinda OT but do you know if you have to have a certain type of Vid card to run a Multi monitor setup? If so, then does that mean the atiX850Xt is non-multimonitor capable?
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