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  1. Just one question: when will it be available in VKB Europe store?
  2. Got my slew upgrade today (#1504). Installation and calibration was fast and simple. As for usage- it's so much better than original Warthog slew- worth every penny!
  3. Glad you like it! No problem, thanks for another great mod :) Repeated textures are the worst. Until you notice the pattern, everything is fine, but what "was seen can not be unseen" - when you see it, it will hurt your eyes.
  4. Another happy user here. UTC Light working great!
  5. Great to see this finally coming to DCS!
  6. Last season video is done. For me personally- 2.5 looks great. ED has done an amazing job.
  7. Nice comparison! I have to agree with you. I've made a video for myself to compare how Novorossiysk have changed. It looks like some parts of the city were removed, but there's also new part added further North. Some buildings in main part of town were moved, some other removed, but there are also some that were added.
  8. Thank you again guys! Next part is up, this time autumn hjQ07sI5XNs
  9. Thanks again! More videos in higher quality, showing autumn, winter and spring are in the works:)
  10. Short video showing DCS World 1.5.8 vs 2.5 side by side. You can see how much work went into making 2.5. _0giMlJ4Dp8
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