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  1. I have noticed players on the forums talking about this or that mod for either beta modules or the theaters etc, then when there is a problem whining about this being broken or whatever. I think it is more than just multiplayer that needs locking maybe the modules in beta can be locked so a mod can't break it and cause ED to investigate a problem that is made by the user. I no longer have the open beta branch or buy any modules before they are on stable branch because I no longer want to troubleshoot as it is getting crazy so many modules in beta then there are the theaters and of course the branch itself.
  2. Well this is great news, If all these posts haven't scared Baker off yet. I was one of the original users and really missed it when I could no longer get it to work, I have played very little DCS since. So time to dust off the throttle and stick.
  3. I have had the WH hotas for a number of years I find it very good, The MODS I have done are.. the throttle designator mod you mention easy to do and what a difference, I have an Extension about 750 mm makes it so much smoother and the fine moves like for AAR are a breeze, I have seen the reports of Sticktion as they call it all I can say is I have not seen or felt it, the only other thing I have is a leather car gearstick boot to keep crap out of the gimble. Whatever you decide enjoy your flying.
  4. Hi great work where did the Jett switch come from, Love the caution panel aswell.
  5. I had 5 leo boards and had this problem then he came out with a way of assigning different id's to the boards, so long since i used them look on his site. EDIT just found if you use the firmware updater to change the boardname this will give it a new PID.
  6. Keks not by a human but quite probably by a Canadian..LOL..
  7. Hi Guys, I have downloaded and installed when I click to start the small splash window comes up stays for 30 secs or so and disappears then nothing any ideas.
  8. Win 11 nope next is Win10S the S is for well I leave you to guess. If anyone buys a new comp just remember to ask and check what win OS it has. Back on topic my TiR is ticked and starts no probs. I don't have buttkicker sorry.
  9. I hate to drag this up but it has now been a number of Years since the WW2 Backers were promised shirts and hats Etc, I know it was stated they would come at the end of development but to put it bluntly is this ever going to be out of development. I would like to ask for the shirts Etc to be sent out as soon as poss to the Backers.
  10. I don't see why it is not possible simpits quite often have 3 upperscreens and 3 to 4 lower, hate to think what computer you will need though..
  11. Hi great profile thanks for all the hard work I am amazed at how you have used the A10 to do this it had me confused for a while til I understood what you have done. Can somebody try the viewports with hud only view as mine go very blurry if I go back into cockpit they are fine although a bit on the thin side they are clear and readable.
  12. Take out stepper config 2 struct and change 2nd stepper to use 1st config struct, I think as both steppers use same struct data. maybe !!
  13. I have my throttle pinkie button bound to forward is lights on/off toggle back is both fingerlifts toggle, just flick it forward to turn on formation lights then back to center then back to lift fingerlifts and back to center. i can then still turn lights on/off and fingerlifts are up all the time problem solved..
  14. @ Harp074 & mastersetter see post 15
  15. FWIW I have the Idle/Off bound to the Warthog throttle lift buttons and the Finger lifts bound to the Ign L and R switches. The reason for this is on a cold start the throttles need to move from off to idle using the Finger lifts will not allow it however as stated the Finger lifts are required to move the throttles to Afterburner for Catapult Takeoffs only.
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