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  1. Yeah...vortex effects and those butt ugly two-frame animation gifs that they used for contrails. IL-2 does them so much better, and its a friggin prop sim!
  2. This looks to be FRIGGING AMAZING! And acombat helo is perfect for the more "tactical" nature of LOMAC. I can only hope we get a better in-cockpit sound suite than the rest of the birds that all seem to share the same BEEP-BEEP-BEEP russky sounds....
  3. I searched for any mods containing that file and surely enough it was Alexandra's C-130 pack. Many thanks Alfa!
  4. Instead of 1.1 features (like 4 seasons, SU-25T, FMs etc) my LOMAC loads and is just like 1.02 (except for the UI which is the new one). Any ideas as to what might be causing this?
  5. Instead of 1.1 features (like 4 seasons, SU-25T, FMs etc) my LOMAC loads and is just like 1.02 (except for the UI which is the new one). Any ideas as to what might be causing this?
  6. Can I ask some stupid questions? -What is this? -How does it differ from the game's F10 view? -Are the units displayed the ones detected by the IADS or any live units in the mission will be shown? Seems fantastic and extremely promising BTW! -
  7. Well since we're showing pretty pictures, these albums contain some of the prettiest Su-33 shots I've ever seen! http://www.airforce.ru/photogallery/dundin/kuznetsov2004/index.htm
  8. BTW-I assume the Syrian is fictional right? I mean I don't remember a single photo surfacing with the SyrAF -29s...
  9. http://www.foxbat.ru/maks/belarus/belarus_01.htm I mean, can you imagine this bird in LOMAC??!!! http://www.foxbat.ru/maks/belarus/index.php?picid=belarus048
  10. THis is a silly debate. But since it's on let us ponder about the all-magical AI flight models and Clone-like formations...
  11. Was there some large rod installed on your chair? Why the attitude?
  12. Does this fix ships suddenly appearing at close distances? (Especially when fog is involved). Generally I have noticed that 3D objects do not fade away into the atmosphere-they just appear and reappear (vehicles, ships, a/c, etc.)
  13. Well you might know something that I don't but all that is relative. By relative I mean to the industry standards. SUre, in 2 years' time LOMAC will be able to handle *more* stuff-Where will Falcon 4 be though if its development takes off with Lead Pursuit? Where will FighterOps be? Again, what I am suggesting sacrifices nothing.
  14. Well, you have to make compromises when making a sim and LOMACs compromises where made to favour this more graphically intense, detail oriented "tactical" flavour. That will never change. My biggest gripe with F4s dyunaic campaign is the unrealistic tasking, bundling of packages and mission profiles. However, the campaign UI is WHERE THE MONEY IS. The fact that you can make a template with all forces inside and run a continuous, real-time war for 48 days! That UI would amazing in LOMAC, even with less units. LOMAC will NEVER be the 1000-plane sim-I realize that. BUT, what the bubble system offers is MANY more units (hence more activity and immersion) WITHOUT sacrificing any of LOMACs current features. If we were to have such a system, allowing for an acceptable number of active entities AND have that real-time UI (that would allow for endless tasking as long as the mission clock was running) you could see some pretty amazing "scripted" campaigns crop up! LIke this one for F4: (Check out its briefing, hasn't yet been released due to some features waiting to be implemented in F4) http://rapidshare.de/files/1621319/ABLE_BROTHER-ABLE_TIGER.zip.html Thread: http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=87721 We'd be talking about a brand new sim if it were to happen in LOMAC!
  15. LOMAC is a brilliant tactical sim. It has the best terrain engine out there, some very good atmospherics, fantastic physics engines, good avionics and seeker modelling, great effects, great 3D models etc.. That makes for some awesome small-scale operations. Terrorist hunting, border clashes, small naval engagements (naval aspect of the sim BTW could use some attention), that kind of stuff. With the Ka-50 perfectly suited to that role, all we need is some infantry modelled and the game is set. LOMAC however has equally high potential in going the more strategic route, a potential that is currently hampered by the game's engine's limitations. Simply put, and before we go into an F4-type module where you can watch your campaing (or mission) unfold in realtime via the map display and task or create flights/packages/battalions etc., there is one thing missing: SCALE. By generating every 3D object present in the game no matter where the player is, the engine definitely has a set limit of how many entities can be present at any one time. Giving it a bubble system would do the trick. Keep a bubble around the player and do the rest in 2D tables. If done right, this could be the start of 1000 a/c missions into Sevastopol (like some of F4s massive TE/campaigns!) Your thoughts on this...?
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