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  1. Yeah the D-BOX is good, but for 16,000 AUD i think its way overpriced. I spent a day setting up FSX with a d-box platform. I must say its very user friendly, and easy to set up, most of my time was spent setting up FSX graphics. Im not sure if it was the FSX coding for dbox or the dbox system itself, but there was always a lag between input at the controls and the platform, a noticably. After a while it got rather annoying. Things like taxiing, left and right rudder input was converted to roll (tilt). And the vibrations would shake your teeth out on anything but the mildest settings. So i left with a mixed opinion of the system, great if it was 5k or something but not 16k. The other wierd thing to get used to was that the monitors weren't connected to the platform, so when the game view tilted and the platform tilted the effect was two fold. Putting the monitors on the platform would destroy them with the vibrations i would imagine. Great system but needs better programing i think. Just my experience.
  2. CH products definately. They are the best. No mods required to make it work well! Perfect every time
  3. All the information that is in the first link is what you need to know, the second link was a thread started to solve the problems. I just summerised them so it would be easier for all to find. cheers
  4. http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=13573&highlight=Widescreen this thread will provide all the answers to what settings to run and FOV issues. Once again, any chance of this being sticked mods??
  5. Awesome, the administrator mode did the trick, thanks a million. cheers
  6. Hi, Just got back into lockon with Vista 32 and trackir works normally, after deleting the files and such, but i can't center my view (F12). I have deleted all assignments in the game associated with F12 and it still wont work, this holds true for any button for that matter. Has anyone had this issue before? Its only in lockon, IL-2 and FS9/X work fine. Any help is appreciated. cheers
  7. sounds like you MB is on its way out, or the power switch is faulty. Have you tried clearing your bios by joining the jumpers together? It in you MB manual. Ive had to do that a few times whilst tinkering and screwing things up. That might get you back to square one again. cheers
  8. I'm an aussie from melb, don't play much lockon anymore, novalty has worn off, but im starting to get back into it, but not really a fan of online stuff as my connection speeds are always crap, im on adsl 1 at its fastest speed (1500kb). generally get verry high pings even when im the only one using it at home. Avalon is a strong possibility, i go everytime but this year im tempted not to because it hardly changes, same planes, same routines. But i still love it! cheers
  9. Mods please sticky this thread! Mods, Please sticky this thread or take the relevent infomation out of this thread and put it into one of the other sticked thread that help set up lockon. I don't visit very often any more but every time i do there seems to be a new thread about getting widescreen to work and people having trouble. (and saying they can't find this thread via search). Thanks.
  10. Try leaving the FOV at 120 instead of 145? Im not sure i understand your question. Are you trying to play in WS with a 4:3 monitor but want to keep the same FOV as a normal 4:3 image? Really confused. :) cheers
  11. I found that the FOV doesn't work on the su 25t for some reason. Which plane are you testing on? cheers
  12. I too am new to the trackir4 and haven't been super impresed yet, ill give this profile a go. I don't think there is a way to move the default view back, but i just lean forward then press the recenter button, but then you loose the deadzone you created as your technically zoomed out. Any help on this would be great. cheers
  13. i think this is what we all need. http://www.howstuffworks.com/elumens.htm if only i had 20 large! cheers
  14. http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=13573 this is all you need to set it up right. Once you change the 1.3333 to 1.6 it will work as long as you don't go into the graphics setup, if you do it reverts to the default value of 1.3333 very annoying but once your all set up there isn't much need to change the graphics. cheers
  15. yes the each end of the runway has seperate numbers one being 180 more than the other. Obviously at the time of taxi she ignored the windsock and no one else was flying at the time. A very costly mistake!
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