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  1. I have a new iMac i7 and I would try to install LOFC2: do you think that it will work better with parallel desktop or boot camp?
  2. ok tnx for update, but it sound so sad...! I think I can download now the A-10C update: where is the ANG link?:music_whistling: :lol: even if it's a joke, I think that lomac communitiy would appreciate a lot an A-10C update: isn't possible to convert it in LOMAC-FC? I should pay at least 50$ only for A-10C with AFM like SU-25T.
  3. -Typical ground battle assessement: A-10 vs. Su-25T, Ka-50 vs Apache & Cobra! -Two formations of new tanks killing each other -beauties and details of the new terrain ...so I want to see.... TANK KILLERS!!!!!!!!!:joystick:
  4. I don't believe it. Actually the one and only official date on lomac site is "autumn 2006": autumn ends on 21st december, so it's possible that we'll find something under christmas tree.... so stay tuned!;) ....and eventually (seeing the last video) it seems that the graphic engine is still completed, so it's possible that the beta testing phase is running faster:D (I hope so....) @wags: what do you think about it?
  5. really interesting!!! is it possible to download the application in order to test it? :pilotfly: anyone can use it as a server? tnx in advance :thumbup:
  6. really exciting!:thumbup: ....waiting for first release, another step away from Falcon Users, eheheh!!!:D
  7. ...as Tom Tom Navigator ah?:megalol: cooool idea!:thumbup:
  8. I'll take it: i'll found SF-P1 so funny!!! Did someone knows exactly release date for USA and europe? I wrote to producers and they sait "on may". Wait and see....
  9. it seems very interesting....:icon_supe downloading now.....:cool: why don't you make a pdf attached with missions' briefings?
  10. I'm so worry about that.....:( Lock on FC 1.12a runs so hard on my config, I know that BS will be so detailed....so.....I decided to buy black shark, and then I will change my PC!:icon_supe
  11. it seems so cool, but where is the english site? I don't understand german language....
  12. after installation of 1.12 patch, sometimes (not always!) if I use Maverick D or K I see that the TV monitor doesn't switch on but remains black: does anyone noticed that bug?:confused:
  13. @ED: do you know how will costs Black Shark when it will be released? I would like to know if there'll be an "upgrade price" from 1.12 and a "complete price" for a kind of stand-alone, as someone told in the forum some time ago.... In my opinion, downloadable version is cheaper and with no "shipping troubles" !:icon_supe
  14. @ED I think it's a great work and it must be rewarded!:icon_supe Why don't you transform this fantastic addon in an official addon for the next patch? it would be great!:horseback
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