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  1. Well you might be able to just tell the people your account name and password on this website so that they can download it from that and then make sure you aren't using the stuff anymore.
  2. Bleh I had about 3 times the quick launch icons that he had before I reformated :P
  3. Well the engines will start up without the power on i think(atleast in the su-25T) but you don't see the gauges moving but you can still hear the engine noise and when you do put the power on the engine RPG gauge goes up really fast.
  4. Okay after a whole day of my AMRAAMs barely hitting, now they are almost never missing, so now I am wondering... wtf?
  5. Well the su-27 I tested this on had no ECM pods.
  6. Well I hope they can get 1.2 out fast... and this time I will wait until I see what people say about it before I buy it...
  7. Well I was still hit by those R27ERs after doing a bunch of maneuvering and using chaff... and the AMRAAM didn't seem like it was going after any chaff, the missile just seemed to have a calculation error and go right behind the aircraft!
  8. I don't really find the russians saying it can't hit anything very truthful.
  9. Is it just me or does it seem like the only way you can hit an su-27 with an amraam now is by being within 5nm? Everytime I fire on an su-27 from further away then that my missile passes harmlessly behind the enemy. Now why is this, did the DEVs think that the americans had too much of an edge? Because if they did than that is bullcrap. It was already pretty even in 1.02 but now the su-27 has become a ton better in WVR and it has some new radar modes and HOJ and all of that stuff while the F-15C only gets an AMRAAM that can't hit crap and has a further range. Well the further range isn't really that helpful if you have to be within 5nm to hit anything with it!
  10. Well the thing about the anti-ship missiles is usually to attack in a big wave so that the ship won't have enough time to take out every single missile that is coming at it. Just because it is an atni-ship missile doesn't mean that it will always be better then the ship's defences.
  11. It says activation not installing. And since you get 4 activations then of course you are gonna have 3 left after activating it once. And since you didn't do any major system upgrades you still have 3 activations left. Don't get overreative about it.
  12. Count the $35 that I am going to be spending on this as my thank you to the team ;)
  13. It will be interesting to see how they make thigns like the ah-64 and mi-28 since those require a pilot and gunner. I wonder if we will be able to be in both positions and maybe even have 2 people in one online. That would be pretty sweet having one person concentrating on flying as low as possible and evading missiles while the other person is working on getting the hellfires ready to shoot and controlling the gun.
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