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  1. great!!!! also because the radar bug is not so rare!!!!
  2. any news about this problem?? will 1.11 patch fix it?
  3. i think if you want to get best performance (as someone already said) you must choise the FX-57, for video, if you can wait, i suggest to you to wait for ati 520, so you are able to choise between ati or nvidia
  4. hi hag...hi all, i think your problem is a cpu limitation....so you can use some little mods to improve you performance... first of all is hardware audio acceleration, set it to minimum(start\programs\accessories\system utilities\microsoft system informations\diagdx); another thing we use to improve performance is to reduce the number of audio files that lomac can elaborate so go to C:\Programs\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Sounds\Effects and read all .ogg file's name in this list, you'll find some effetcs that (for you) are not essential (for example water effets)and move them in a temp folder, i have chosen about 20 files. P.S. sometime when you set hw audio acceleratiom to minimum you can have some audio problems when going in cockpit(that you can resolve going in ab for a second); if you get this problem then set hw audio acceleration to 1 step over minimum.. good luck and let me know if you get some improvements
  5. Hello Chizh, i should like to make to you a question, out of curiosity: to create lomac world can you use an universal equations system (for example rigid body dynamics immersed in fluids(air)) that could be apllied to every "fling body" simply changing specific parameters (for example thrust, altitude, drag, weight and others) or you must use different models (more or less simplified) for every different typology of fling body? i make to you this question because i ask to myself if it's possible to create simulated reality, ruled from a unique whole of laws, or, for reasons of knowledge or for reasons of computation's power, you MUST use different individual models to simulate different typology of fling body... Thanks P.S. i hope i have been able to explain myself, unfortunately my english isn't so good
  6. sorry GGtharos i surely have been approximate saying that there is not advantage going high altitude, infact in this way we get a good supply of energy. however an approximation of 200%-300% (20% compared with 70%), and perhaps more, becomes (imho) an error that change radically the sense of BVR. i dislike this thing because i have always thought that among good aspects of lomac there was the physics........
  7. hi all, the problem is that if i turn off and on the radar many times VERY probably it will freeze. in this case when i set a-a mode (key 2) i see that it doesn't scan, i.e. the v pointer doesn't go from right to left, as usually does. i tried to turn off and on again or i tried ctrl+n, but nothing the only way to resolve is to eject and restart with a new airplane. has anybody had this problem? or i am the only who has it? could anybody tell me if it's a bug or not and if there is a way to unfreeze the radar? thanks to all
  8. thx GGtharos, now it's really clear to me. It's not a very good news....this means that in lomac is useless to go to high altitude indeed it's just dangerous because if i go to high altitude i am more visible from bandit's radar but i don't get more range. do you know if ED minds to fix this bug?
  9. sorry GGt, my english is not so good. if i undertood you listed a series of possibility changing altitude of launcher and of target. then you said :"Low to High shots in LOMAC have nearly equal range ", what do you mean? do you mean that,in lomac, (1)the altitude of launcher and of target (if similar) doesn't influence the range? (2)or what? if yes(1) then i ask to you what are the parameters that influence the missile ranges??...only the relative guideline and intensity of speed vectors? thx
  10. i'm not sure there is little phisics processing because all flight models (airplane, missiles and helicopters) are governed from phisics law, also propagation of radar waves are governed from phisics law. many things that belong to lomac's world are governed from physics laws. now i don't know how much exact is the physics simulated in lomac but if it is (exact) i think that there are many things to calculate!!!!! ED how many time does the cpu spend to calculate the physics in lomac?
  11. hi all, probably one way to improve lomac FPS is to implement these new PPU (physic processor unit). they will be out in september and already are supported from Epic (new Unreal engine) and others software house (also sony whit new PS 3). see here for some infos: http://www.ageia.com/index.html i think that this could be the solution because i imagine that physic, in lomac, occupies the most of cpu's elaboration. ED what do you think about this?
  12. hi all, my opinion is:"stop adding new flyable airplane and helos, and work to improve avionics and fix bugs"
  13. hi all, i'm doing a surveying finalized to understand the optimal way to create a lomac server as many others (VVS504, s77th). my problem is that it does'nt exist a lomac server edition that could be managed from a remote emplacement (to open new missions or simply to open the server). One solution could be Windows remote desktop. could anybody give me some useful info about the way to make e lomac server ?? thanks everybody
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