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  1. When the heck was that? I always miss these things. Can you guys announce it somehow?
  2. Blaze, why is your aspect set to 4:3? I just got 42" LVM42W2 (Westinghouse) and with 16:9 aspect and 1920x1080p, it looks great. Lockon cockpit is zoomed in a little by default at this aspect - I just zoom it out every time I start. No probs with HUD and MFD fonts. (16xAniso & 4xAA)
  3. I can`t see any pics on that site (too lazy to mess with my firewall/privacy settings) but it sounds like NITKA = (USN`s) FCLP... except launching ramp :)
  4. I`ve just watched the startup vid. Nice!:D The voiceover guy needs some coffee though... When he said he was ready for T/O... he sounded disappointed, like he wanted to read some more nomenclatures but now he has to go and fly:joystick: Can`t wait :pilotfly: One quick question: The Master Arm switch came on before T/O?
  5. Most efficient recoveries (and most fun) are still: daytime, good weather and pure visual. (at least in USN) Each flight heads toward initial point when cleared for approach. The initial could be 5NM behind the boat, inline with the BRC (base recovery course) at 800 feet AGL. They come in for an overhead break at 300 knots or slightly more, when required with their hooks extended. After passing the ship - a steep bank to the left and a 3G pull - easing up and rolling out on a opposite heading from BRC. Gear, flaps down and should be reaching proper AOA when "abeam" the intended landing point at 600 feet AGL. With the wind over deck (ship`s speed + headwind) being 25 or 30 knots, the pilots start their descending turns inbound right after passing abeam point. In the first half of the turn the main focus is getting the plane settled within parameters for an approach, ie: descent rate, AOA, etc. After passing the "90" (perpendiculal to final approach course) they visually pickup the meatball and it becomes the center of their visual scan. Playing the turn to roll out on centerline and a good start on the ball. I wonder if Russians do a similar visual approach. Anybody knows?
  6. LOL, I just extended the middle finger even more.
  7. Here`s my take on 169th: They are roughly my age group (old farts:) ) Most of them with a crapload of sim experience (some with RL flying background) Team oriented and disciplined (for an online squad:thumbup: ) and competitive as hell. ...and how can I complain about Ice - after almost a year of my non-participation in any squad activities I was still allowed to jump right in (and take part in an inter-squad match:D :joystick: ) Every squardron, real or virtual has it`s own official and "unofficial" rules that members are expected to go by. And the rules usually come down from the boss. Even if you don`t like some of them - it`s a good trade-off for being able to fly as a team.
  8. Yep, he`s on top of all this stuff. Thanks for the heads-up. I`ll try it.
  9. Would be nice to see these tapes (or some clips from them).
  10. Actually, I`ve heard of Hornets "walking" on occasions at... 95KIAS - not at the airshows though. :(
  11. just out of curiosity - An info page from what?
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