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  1. Thanks BIGNEWY, I will try to make a track, but as I said, the odd thing about it is that in stable version it all works fine, but not in the OpenBeta version, so I can't figure out what it is. The track will only show a Video feed from the datalink pod, MFD selected and all the regular symbiology - crosshairs and X - fixed on the selected target (wpdsg). SB11
  2. OK here's an interesting thing: I switched to the stable version and IT WORKS PERFECTLY! switched to the Open Beta - NOT WORKING. same settings, same mission same everything. That's odd don't you think? SB11
  3. I'll try to make when I get home, but nothing to see there - The X on the vid screen is supposed to be slewable, but it doesn't. Also, as I mentioned the "designate" sign that's supposed to appear above the CENT. (distance from tgt here) when you try to slew (depress TDC and slew) doesn't appear. SB11
  4. Hi Hornet lovers, hope you can help me with this strange problem: I can't seem to be able to move the crosshair on the SLAMer pod display. Been trying to get an answer on the Hornet fb page but they couldn't find a fix. I've been watching a ton of tutorials, followed every step, tried the realistic/unrealistic slew mode. Everything. But nope. it won't budge. Everything seems to be in line: Pod goes active, I get a video feed, the MFD is selected, I depress the TDC and try to slew - no response. The X stays fixed, the "designate" bar doesn't appear (as it does in Wags tutorial and others). It doesn't seem to be stick problem (have TM Warthog stick - no throttle) because the MAVs and TGP slew just fine. Just the SLAMers Any chance of an idea here? SB11
  5. The problem occurs only when I switch to dogfight mode (boresight or vertical) and go back to AG radar - I lose the TD cursor on the AG radar screen - and the radar becomes useless. BUT, if I'm in AA and switch from boresight or vertical to search mode and THEN switch back to AG radar - it's OK. Don't know if its supposed to be this way though... SB11
  6. I promised to keep you posted so here it is: No crashes since CPU cleanup - and CPU is staying lower than 75C. I don't know if emptying the C:\Users\my_name\AppData\Local\Temp|\DCS.Openbeta helped - but it sure didn't hurt.
  7. OK I’m not sure what did it but I emptied appdata/local/temp AND dusted off the CPU (GPU was clean but CPU was choked!) so far Im crash free for the last 8 missions. thanx for the support I’ll keep yall posted SB11
  8. Yes I have, it’s just a guess but, can it be a CPU overheating that causes the crashes? I have an i7 9700 SB11
  9. just tried COD on max setting. Got to 77c and didn't crash. Wonder why DCS puts so much stress on the system..? SB11
  10. Are you sure it's not heat related? All crashes occur on max temp... SB11
  11. dcs.20210108-084139.log This is the last one: dcs.20210108-084139.log
  12. No. can't find this line in my last crashlog SB11 Not that I'm aware of.... Will try that too... Thanx SB11
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