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  1. Im using FSR 2.11 from Fholger but Im wondering I have a AMD 6900xt and with the new drivers FSR 2.0 is native to the drivers,so I cant help but wonder if Im better off deleteing the files from Fholger in the bin folder in DCS and let FSR run in DCS at the driver level? Im sure theres someone on the forums smart enough to know the answer...................
  2. $375 plus 25.00 shipping US only Its 1 year old ,Paypal only
  3. I tried 60Hz with my G2 just didnt seem right with the G2 but mine runs fine @90Hz and motion smoothing has been off awhile, the new card comes tommorrow Im running 2/2080s in sli and one card(2080) gets close to 88c at full load ,so I dont expect a tremendous bump up but everything Ive seen tells me the 6900xt runs right alongside a 3080ti , Did you guys see any improvement from the New drivers? supposedly they make big improvements for Dx11 ,which DCS is Dx11,I also run AMDs FSR hack in DCS which really helped in the G2.
  4. Ive decided to jump to AMD (6900xt) and would like opinions/experiences from the DCS/VR community, your input is appreciated............
  5. As in the title, when I laser designate it wont hold it only flashes? making reading the range almost impossible and this is true no matter which button I map it to? anyone got a solution ?...........
  6. Just to be clear your referring to the 8Kx correct?
  7. I want to get the latest opinions on the 8Kx and DCS, I have a G2(and im quite happy with it)But the PIMAX FOV has always been something I would like/love, but the costs until recently were more than I was willing to bear,Now that the 8kx is dropping in price Im once again wondering/wanting ,My question is for all the DCS/8Kx users is about clarity(I dont have a problem dialing it in)but Im concerned that once dialed in will I be able to read gauges without leaning or zooming in,Im well aware this is and old question (that has been asked and answered ad nauseum)but Id like to hear from current users since the firmware and drivers have had time to mature and also the reliability of the hardware and manufacturing quality have also had time to work the kinks out................any up to date opinions are greatly appreciated
  8. I have the external cargo hook mapped and I land next to the cargo but it never hooks up, also the cargo indicator is it the little blue light on the dash? any help is appreciated...............greatly
  9. DCS Standalone/DCS desktop shortcut,Ive given up I will wait till ED provides a way to switch between the two because Im not willing to uninstall Steamvr and WMR for steamvr for my other flightsims IL2/CLOD or anything else vr on steam...............its just to much faffing around and besides AMDs FSR works without all this hassle..............
  10. So when you do that and start DCS openxr takes over?
  11. installed as per the guide and Steamvr autostarts everytime even after unchecking autostart in settings ?<<<<scratchin my head
  12. Anyone have the Discord invite for this Id like to lurk and maybe ask some questions.......................Thanks in advance
  13. That does not even come close to answering the question I posed,which is since the Openvr_api.dll in this mod replaces the FSR file which is a Openvr_api.dll,along with the original Openvr_api.orig.dll ,two different files ,I am assuming these files must be deleted in order to have Openxr install correctly has anyone had AMDs FSR function correctly alongside this Openxr mod is what Im asking,I havent had anyone answer this and Im curious,most just ignore the question or offer up this quickstart guide which does not go into this issue,Thanks for any replies................
  14. this replaces the AMD FSR Openvr_api.dll and Im not convinced your seeing any improvement that isnt already done with AMDs FSR,also when I run DCS from a desktop shortcut it usually after the loading autostarts SteamVR and I understand you change this in WMR but how do you start openxr ? or does it autostart in place of steamvr when you start DCS?
  15. Openvr_api.dll, is the extra file you put into your bin folder alongside your original openVr_api.dll ,which is renamed to original so both are functional this is how you initiate AMD FSR
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