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  1. Any word on whether RAZBAM agrees this is an issue that needs fixing? CCRP is practically useless as it is now.





    Apparently it's got a high priority but has not been tested according to their bug tracker.


  2. When using the high water setting, there are flashing artifacts all along the shoreline, but a medium water setting removes any sense that I'm flying over water in most cases (no whitecaps and inky black color). I'd really appreciate any ideas to remedy this.

  3. Hi All,


    I've posted about this before but have yet to get any sort of help or additional understanding of the problem.


    In all maps with water, both stable and open beta versions, I'm consistently getting a shadow flicker along the shoreline for most every body of water. In the smaller lakes, the entire body of water flickers for me. I've asked around and others have noticed this as well, but also haven't been able to sort it out.


    I've tried deleting the metashader and fxo folders and letting them rebuild, and have tried just about every combination of video settings i can think of. I'm at the point where I'd be appreciative if someone could just explain that it's a known issue that's being worked on.






    Update: Seems the effect goes away if i lower the water setting to medium and turn off cockpit illumination. Any additional info about this would be appreciated. I'd very much like to have water set high as CVW-22 begins full carrier ops.

  4. Hi all,


    I've noticed that while in TPOD mode (sensor switch double click down) that the NWS button no longer undesignates targets as it does before entering TPOD mode. In order to undesignate, i've been having to leave TPOD mode to do so. Is there some way to undesignate targets while remaining in TPOD mode?


    Update: Now realize that no such option exists for undesignating targets in TPOD HOTAS mode.




  5. Hi Art,


    I don't doubt that something happens when I enable SMAA, it's just that the results have no discernible impact on the overall quality of the graphics. My thought is that it has a pretty varied effect depending on hardware and drivers.


    There are certainly differences, over time you will notice them and once you turn SMAA off you will really tell the difference.





    I've got your exact recommended settings and toggle them on and off in game and the amount of flickering doesn't change at all. I don't doubt those settings are working for you, but I assure you nothing changes at all in my particular setup. Do you use the in-game MSAA at all?

  7. I use SMAA.fx and Deband.fx:




    Luminance Edge Detection

    0.000 : Edge Detection Threshold

    98 : Max Search Steps

    16 : Max Search Steps Diagonal

    0 : Corner Rounding

    0.001 : Predication Threshold

    0.600 : Predication Scale

    0.400 : Predication Strength




    0.004 : Cut Off Threshold

    16.000 : Initial Radius

    1 : Iterations

    0.006 : Additional Noise


    Thanks Mustang. Unfortunately, nothing at all changes with these settings.

  8. Hi Folks,


    Just got the AV-8B and the first thing I've noticed is that the trackIR view position seems to be the same as when 1.5.4 introduced a new positioning scheme. The thread from that can be found here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=169894


    The problem is that I've been using a mod ever since in order to revert the view to pre-1.5.4 settings and it has consistently worked perfectly for every other plane I fly, but doesn't seem to have any affect on the harrier at all. Any ideas?


    Please see the code from the mod I use below. The file in question is the default.lua, found here: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Config\Input\Aircrafts\Default




    Update: I've sorted this situation out by disabling my mod, using right alt + numpad 0 to save a default snapview that I liked and by speeding up my trackir profile in the motion control section of the trackir settings.

    return {
    axisCommands = {
    -- TrackIR axes
    {combos = {{key = 'TRACKIR_PITCH'}},	action = iCommandViewVerticalAbs	, name = _('Absolute Camera Vertical View')},
    {combos = {{key = 'TRACKIR_YAW'}},  	action = iCommandViewHorizontalAbs		, name = _('Absolute Camera Horizontal View')},
    {combos = {{key = 'TRACKIR_ROLL'}}, 	action = iCommandViewRollAbs		, name = _('Absolute Roll Shift Camera View')},
    {combos = {{key = 'TRACKIR_X'}}, 		action = iCommandViewHorTransAbs		, name = _('Absolute Horizontal Shift Camera View')},
    {combos = {{key = 'TRACKIR_Y'}}, 		action = iCommandViewVertTransAbs		, name = _('Absolute Vertical Shift Camera View')},
    {combos = {{key = 'TRACKIR_Z'}}, 		action = iCommandViewLongitudeTransAbs		, name = _('Absolute Longitude Shift Camera View')},
    {combos = nil, 	action = iCommandViewZoomAbs			, name = _('Zoom View')},

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