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  1. Anyone know why this error would pop up:


    00547.328 ERROR SCRIPTING: Error in scheduled function: [string "C:\Users\EG\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS\/~mis000007ED"]:509: Object doesn't exist


    And here's the bit it's referring to in the above file/line:


    local currentPos = self.groupLead:getPosition().p

    if currentPos.x == prevPosX and currentPos.z == prevPosZ then





    After clicking popup, everything seems to work fine.




  2. Found a problem and reported it to the GitHub issues page, there is an error thrown when respawning vehicles, at least in my missions and the demo missions, reinforcements might not be affected, untested.


    Hi Pikey,


    What's the error and did you update to the autogft-1_8-standalone?


    What kind of units have you put in "red_base"?


    red_base1 is the reinforcement base so there I start with about 12 each of the listed units. red_base2 is the feeder respawning zone so it's got the about 2 each of the same units in red_base1.


    Control_1 is located within red_base1 ostensibly to resupply it periodically, but i've yet to get this to work.



    I was working off something you said earlier in this thread:


    If you specify more than one staging area ("base zone"), the script will look through all the staging areas to "take" the units it needs to reinforce the task force.

    With that said, it is possible to have a task force that keeps respawning units, then sends them to the staging area of another task force.


    but I'll be damned if i can get it to work.


    Thx again for your help.

  4. Hi Gromit,


    The problem occurs when i try to set up a reinforcement zone being fed by a respawning zone.



    Something like this:

     :addGroup():addUnits(2,"Ural-375 ZU-23")


    will make the reinforcement zone not work. The units will either just sit there, or it will begin behaving as a respawn zone. I'm sure there's a simple explanation for this behavior, just not simple enough for me. :) (red_base2 is of course located within control_2 in the above example in order to feed it.)


    Incidentally, (as discussed above), if I remove the :addUnits command the reinforcement zone WILL simply send everything within the zone on its merry way, but only sometimes. Other times removing the addUnit command doesn't change anything.


    My goal from this script is to be able to create reinforcement zones, which don't discriminate by unit type, but will merely move units along arriving from various respawn zones i've created.


    Hope I've explained myself clearly, and thx for your help.

  5. Hi Again gromit,


    I think i've got my hesitation thing sorted now. Thanks again for the assist. Another quick question for you. I'm using the following script now:




    And it's working well except that I'd like to reinforce from an existing pool of idle units instead of respawning and I'd like control of how often that happens. Is there a straightforward way i can easily adapt the above code to do that?






    I figured it out and so here's the code in case anyone else could benefit from it.


     :addGroup():addUnits(1,"Ural-375 ZU-23")




    Simply make a triggerzone and name it "red_base1" as seen above. Fill it with the above mentioned vehicles, then make 3 more triggers named control1...etc. These triggers will be your new task force's waypoints.


    Second update:


    The above code, which worked fine last night, is now respawning units instead of drawing them from the idle groups i have setup within red_base1. Any ideas as to why? I did find that if i remove the "addUnits" command, all units start moving.

  6. Hi folks,


    I'd like to put some of the Tiger's gauges on my iPad via Helios and Air Display if at all possible. Any simple guides or hints would be much appreciated. I've had a look at the Helios manual and seen some A-10C how to's on Youtube, but it's not coming together for me yet. Thx.

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