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  1. What an awesome add on this is. Thanks a ton to the developers. M.
  2. How do I get to see the 3D cockpit of the Mirage III ? I don't have FC3 until the next sale. Is it possible that I can import any other cockpit like the F-104 or the Su-25T ? Its a beautiful aircraft and a dream come true for me. Thanks a lot to the developers. M.
  3. Newer updated version https://filehorst.de/folder.php?key=eYfkKFik M.
  4. Just discovered this and found an update or new version https://filehorst.de/download.php?file=eCvDHkzi Its a beauty Thank You to the development team. M.
  5. Someone has logged in with your account on a different machine This is after updating to the massive 2.5.6 Open Beta update. DCS is installed only on one computer for me Anyone else have this problem ?
  6. Interesting information shared. The Hungarian officer features in some videos on YT. As for flying the real thing, I spoke briefly to a MiG-21 pilot during an airshow who had experience on the FL and bisON types. He stressed on the importance of a good approach, that the MiG-21 had a reducing speed, round out kind of approach and the approach was about 340kmph and touch down about 260 to 280. All speeds for the bisON. I forgot to ask him how but the almost impossible thing for me is keep the nose gear from hitting the runway immediately after the mains make contact. The "vigorous" pull of the stick in the real things english manual does not help but the simulataneous reducing of throttle and flaring helps. Just saying..... Manish.
  7. Updated using procedures put up by you folks. Activations left showing is 3, where as I am quite sure I had something like 11 activations left before. Not a biggie for me coz I know your folks have great support, just letting you know. Thanks Manish
  8. One more update and once more asking to activate MiG-21bis. This time something about Demo mode. Not sure how many activations I have now. Please help Manish
  9. Landings are not the same for me after the 9.9.2016 patch. Just cant land without either wingtip hitting the ground and the aircraft going in that direction. Nailed only one landing so guess its back to practice or what ? Manish
  10. Had been working under Win 10 earlier. Its likely because of Windows Updates, but which update to uninstall or rollback ? I have tried Logitech's latest drivers LGS 5.10 both 64bit and 32bit but no joy. Logitech tech rep admits they dont have a Win10 driver on their forums but then ? Can't leave Windows 10 and go back to 8 or 7, nor can get another make of joystick (I am in India) at the moment Any leads ? Any work arounds ? Any Windows gurus who can help ? Thanks Manish
  11. I urge you to Do re-visit the Hawk and please do come up with the Hawk 100 series. Had we Indians bought the Hawk a couple of decades earlier, this one would have surely been in my hangar today. The RAF Hawk with two AIM-9L and the Aden gunpod holds a special place in my list of favourite aircraft. Manish Image Copyright of the author. Not mine
  12. While on the topic, looks like our Logitech Extreme 3D Pro has conked out or has a driver issue with Win 10 (it was working in Win10 though) So what are our options for another flightstick here ? Manish
  13. Count us in But we know next to nothing about online flying so would appreciate joining as a nuggets Manish
  14. You can mod the Mirage 2000C to carry the R73 or the AIM9 for that matter. But the R73 and Astra on the Mirage 2000C would be unrealistic. India operates the T and TH which will be now upgraded to the I. The T is an E. The C is a different macine. Manish.
  15. Downloaded completed some hours ago and took the Mirage 2000C on a two hour sightseeing sortie. Devs what you have given us is jawdropping stuff. :clap_2::clap_2::clap_2::clap_2::clap_2: :thumbup:
  16. Better, it was 60% in the morning.... :-)
  17. My net connection speed speed is 1.2Mpbs at night. The download speed on the torrent is 74KBps. Manish
  18. Three days in the UK ? Guess I cannot whine about my speeds (600Kbps in the day and 1.2Mbps at night) then. But it still worries me that if updates keep getting bigger and bigger then when do we fly the sim ?? Manish P.S. 47% completed via torrents.
  19. Devs Thanks for this. I know its an issue at my end but downloading 24GB in this geography will take five days on the torrent. Its not funny at all. Is there an alternative way to download ? Will all the subsequent updates be this big ? I seriously hope not. Manish
  20. F-5E-3 in DCS World 1.5.2 This is a lot more better and different than the older F-5E which is still present in DCS World. A preview of the F-5E Module ? Manish
  21. I noticed today an F-5E-3 AI model in DCS World 1.5.2. Its model is way better than the F-5E and has three very nice aggressor skins. Is this an AI version of the F-5E module everyone is talking about ? Manish
  22. Many Thanks. That works only that the R73 and its launch rail is under the 550 launch rail but it all works. Cool. Unrealistic ? Absolutely. But it works Manish
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