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  1. Wow @BoNidlethat Mig-15 pilot is so good he can get on your tail even when he is flying backward!?!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion @DishDoggieunfortunately it did not help. Other than that issue motion in the Huey is absolutely brilliant though.
  3. Be really nice if this were fixed. My motion simpit jumped sideways two feet the first time I used it with the Huey. Sounds like an exaggeration but in fact it did. I added a spike filter after that but it is still pretty violent even then.
  4. Did you ever find anything? I would like to get RPM for transducer effects and motion cueing.
  5. For Multiplayer I can recommend Korea 1952 server (PVP) and The Korean War (PvE). Unsolicited I know but it is fun flying along side other Sabres.
  6. I would recommend the F-86, but then...I am biased
  7. He gets hugs too! And you! EVERYBODY GETS HUGS!!!!
  8. @Santusthey made a slight name change but it is still there. Search for MVP Korea 1952 Combat Server
  9. Thanks for the constructive feedback @Sobakopes It is a balancing act as to what is in the mission. Helo's are only a part of the whole.
  10. Still getting this error in dedicated server missions. ALERT WRADIO: Error in wMessage::buildSpeech(), event = wMsgFlightDepartingStation: [string "./Scripts/Speech/common.lua"]:590: Callname 3 not found for SQ BLUE A-20G#010-01 ! stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'error' [string "./Scripts/Speech/common.lua"]:590: in function <[string "./Scripts/Speech/common.lua"]:583> (tail call): ? [string "./Scripts/Speech/common.lua"]:1265: in function 'make' [string "./Scripts/Speech/common.lua"]:1294: in function 'make' [string "./Scripts/Speech/common.lua"]:3135: in function 'make' [string "Scripts/Speech/speech.lua"]:143: in function <[string "Scripts/Speech/speech.lua"]:122>
  11. I see this in the server log often. I do wonder if it is causing the occasional rubber banding that we see.
  12. We stopped editing the warehouses and use the restrict weapons menu now. This way we can leave it unlimited equipment, etc. Gave up on getting the warehouse bug fixed
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