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  1. Thank you for your reports. I verified the tracks, and the bug is not related to the SA-5 but to two tracking radars positioned next to each other. The tracks helped me find a bug in the RWR threat association algorithm, and it should be fixed in the next patch. Again, thank you very much.
  2. Thank you for your reports. GBU-24 bombs use a different type of steering/profile than the other laser-guided bombs available, and their time to impact depends heavily on the conditions when released and when lasing starts. We measured the difference, and we adjusted the calculated TTI to make the numbers closer to the bomb flight time when lasing immediately after the release. Also, we educated Jester to start lasing right after you pickle when using GBU-24. These changes should be included in the next update.
  3. Thank you for the reports. It's fixed internally and should be included in the next update.
  4. Thank you for your reports. I'll check it with the debug tools, and I'll get back to you when I know more about the reason for the freezes.
  5. Interesting, I'll take a look. I remember it worked when I tested queuing entering more than one waypoint, but it was long ago. I'll let you know about the results. Thank you.
  6. Yes, on the DSCG, I thought about the displays as that is how I understood the discussion above. The rest, I think, I answered in my first comment. Yes, we want the DSCG aircraft to have Pave Spike, and yes, we're thinking about Pave Tack for DMAS, but it's too soon to say that it's going to be there for sure.
  7. Both versions will be DSCG, but as far as I know, TISEO wasn't retrofitted to blocks 36-45. And the DMAS? I hate how the TISEO camera looks, but I guess we would never forgive ourselves if we didn't attach that ugly cylinder to the left wing.
  8. We plan to equip the "classic" (Blocks 36-45) with the Pave Spike. The DMAS version is too distant to discuss it now in detail, but we are thinking about creating the Pave Tack for it. However, it's too soon to consider it a promise because it depends on multiple factors. I just wanted to write that it looks like we, the flight sim enthusiasts, think very much alike, and we dream about the same things.
  9. Thank you for your reports. I tested entering home base on the ground and an aircraft carrier, and I couldn't reproduce your described results. Could you provide us with more details, like the mission, screenshots, or a video?
  10. Good catch, thank you. Noted, and it should be an easy fix. Unfortunately, it's too late to include it in the coming update, so I'd expect a fix in the first update in 2022.
  11. We reviewed the available sources and diagrams very carefully again, and we found that the data flow from the AHRS to the CSDC and then to the VDIG doesn't even need the WCS to be powered. In other words, when the INS is off, the VDIG (VDI + HUD) uses attitude and heading data from the backup source - the ARHS - which is always on.
  12. Hey kievbsm, Re 1: POINT track requires targets clearly visible against the background. If there had been many objects in your view, the pod might have had problems tracking them. It's difficult to say without seeing the feed from your flight. Re 2: yes, POINT requires WHOT to engage. You can switch it to BHOT after the pod establishes tracking. A general note: if the target is not moving, one should prefer selecting AREA over POINT as AREA is more reliable.
  13. We are considering adding other methods of controlling the pod in the direct head control mode, but on the other hand, we don't want to make it just another pilot controls for the LANTIRN mod.
  14. As I explained before, Jester automatically switches between WIDE and NARROW based on what mode he finds optimal for the current situation. Since a big part of his logic is built around this system, we don't plan to change it significantly at this stage.
  15. Yes, now it's 100% exactly over the line and outside of the circle. I proposed that I move 100% a bit away from the edge towards the centre (so you can still easily hit 100% and not 90%+ ) and null the rate outside the circle.
  16. Ah, but it already works that way. The distance between the centre of the VDI and the dot is proportional to the slewing rate. So the closer the dot to the edge of the big circle, the faster the pod is moving.
  17. Thank you for the suggestion on the "pickle" call. We will tell Jester to be less excited when the release cue reaches zero and that he should check the other parts of the display too. On Jester checking what is outside, he should be more focused on the LANTIRN display when he tracks a unit or during bomb runs. Otherwise, he will try to maintain situational awareness.
  18. Thank you for the report. This has been fixed internally and should be distributed in the next patch.
  19. Interesting. Was it single player or multi? Land or carrier? If carrier, did you tune the data link to the carrier? If you have the mission, could you share it so I can try reproducing it?
  20. I'm sorry, I must have missed that when quoting the messages to respond, but I clearly remember I wanted to answer this. That sounds like a good idea. I may add a bit of dead zone at the edge to get the full rate if you want, but make the rates zero outside of the circle. Adding it to ma todo list.
  21. This is an intriguing idea. Unfortunately, it would require some additional logic for spotting, and some time to code, so it won't be a top priority, but I'll put it in the backlog, and we may address it at some point, but I can't promise anything.
  22. It looks very close (minus rounding) to the first line (RAMP). I think that in your case, Jester was entering the HB waypoint coords. However, there is no indication of which waypoint is being edited, so it might have looked as if he had entered your own position. Was the INS working correctly after the alignment was complete?
  23. Thank you for the report. I'll pass it to Jester, and I'll make sure he understands how important for LANTIRN operations it is to enter waypoint altitude.
  24. There has been some good question, useful suggestions and bug reports in this threat, so please allow me to answer them all in one post. This may form some kind of FAQ Oh, and again, thank you, everyone, for your feedback and all comments. Yes, it's a good idea to let Jester finish slewing the pod to the desired location before using a search command as his default behaviour is to consider what is under the cross to be the search centre. Jester automatically designates the targets he finds after using search command if they are in laser range. He should also automatically track those targets and use all modes to do it efficiently: AREA, POINT and QDES (although he uses this one mostly to recentre on the target after heavy manoeuvring). Manual QDES is not necessary and usually would result in worse results as selecting QDES will stop following the target. Finally, using QWP undesignates (LANTIRN feature not Jester) so you will be unable to use QDES. Since this can be confusing, QDES will be available from the Q modes menu only when a valid designated point is available. LANTIRN is unable to spot other lasers, sorry. That was how we taught Jester - always follow the circle and it worked like that in our tests. I'll investigate it since your observations suggest a bug. Could you describe your procedure of using QEYEBALLS more precisely? This seems to be a bug because the relative location of the dot is exactly the input that we send to the LANTIRN pod. Could you give us more details which would be helpful in reproducing this behaviour? I couldn't find in all available documentation any hint suggesting that the LANTIRN pod contained ballistic data for non-guided bombs so only the laser guided bombs are supported. I suppose the issue is that the circles are displayed as if they were very far from you while the VDI display is quite close. I'll see if we can attach the circle to a physical position in the cockpit for the VR users. That's a bug, and the fix is already uploaded to ED. Apparently, Jester thought that all static aircraft are dead. I'm dead serious. Just use the option to deactivate Jester from the menu, submenu "crew contract". However, there is a bug in the current version which makes Jester unable to wake up from his nap. The bug has been fixed already and the patch is uploaded to ED. When launching hot (either air or ground start), the pod is ready to go and aligned. If you use a cold start slot, Jester will switch the pod to on as a part of the startup procedure. However, we missed one scenario where you hot stat on the ground but then rearm. In such a case Jester did nothing until he was asked to switch to A/G. After your reports, we implemented new behaviour. Jester will turn the pod on always when the aircraft is on the ground and running, which should cover the rearm situations. Also, if you rearm within 4 minutes from hot spawning, the pod should be already aligned and cooled down, as if it had been installed when you entered the aircraft. We hope that should help in typical multiplayer scenarios where you rearm after getting into the aircraft. That's a very good suggestion and we've been thinking about it. However, we didn't want to change the default behaviour of the A/G mode for those who had started using the F-14 as in the Bombcat role long before the release of the update. Depending on the feedback and future testing, we may add Jester selecting the bombs automatically if only one bomb type is loaded. If the marker is too far away, LANTIRN may not enter the AREA mode. Jester has a time limit to enter a mode in which the pod will track the point itself. When that limit is hit, he'll just assume that it's impossible to track the point. We may want to add a voice feedback when such situation happens. Unfortunately, he is unable to track structures unless they are placed as static objects in the mission. This is a design choice and it won't change. The pod is able to track any object. However, the abundance of the objects in the scenery would make searching for targets offering some reasonable return of interest for a GBU very tedious. Jester should stow the pod when you select the landing mode and lower the landing gear, or after you land. Actually, Jester lasers only when "laser always on" is selected. Normally, Jester uses auto-lasing offered by the pod. That's why you can see 'A' in front of the laser code on the display. Nevertheless, if you need longer lasing time, just ask Jester to lase constantly from the second page of the Jester LANTIRN menu. Jester loved his new skills so much that he doesn't want to share the LANTIRN stick any more. If you want to operate the pod yourself, you may want to disable Jester from the "crew contract" submenu. Jester, like any human, can memorise some things. For example, he memorises potential targets that he identifies when he looks at his display. Unfortunately, he likes to target first those objects which he spotted first. That's why you may see him moving away from the crosshair and picking other targets. We know how to fix this, and we prepared a dedicated class when we plan to teach Jester to move to the close target first. Unfortunately, this is not ready yet but should be available in November or December. Additionally, we plan to improve his search logic further. It's a challenging task because we can't analyse the video feed, and we need to emulate Jester vision using synthetic information about the objects inside the pod field of view. By construction, it can never be as realistic as you using the VDI, but our goal is to get as close as possible, and the initial release of Jester LANTIRN is only the first step of this process. I'm adding it to the TODO list. We should be able to ship it in November or December.
  25. I checked it, and nothing has changed. So it's there, but you need to have this option selected in the special options menu: In this mode, your PTT keys work as the SRS PTT / Jester Menu buttons, unless you presss the comms menu key (default '\') before pressing a PTT button and then it should summon the built-in comms menu. It only works in this mode because otherwise pressing PTT would display both the ICS comms and the Jester menu dialog.
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